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The Reason Jesus Used Parables May Shock You

This Sunday evening, the pastors of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church where I serve as pastor, will begin a series through the parables. In preparation for that series, I’ve been reading and thinking about the purpose of parables in the preaching and teaching... read more

A Warning to Hypocrites

Yesterday I had the opportunity to preach Romans 2:1-11 as we continued our series through Romans on the Lord’s Day. The focus of the text was centered on Jewish hypocrites who were more than willing to judge the Gentiles, but were often guilty of engaging in... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-18-18)

In this short video, Josh Buice, Steven Lawson, Tim Challies, and Phil Johnson talk about missions and how it’s the responsibility of the local church. Reconciled by the Will of God — This is how the article begins, but don’t fail to read to the end:... read more

Wigs and Wisdom

Colonial America was filled with white wigs. The 18th century was ripe with the wig wearing men who from young ages were already desiring to fit in among the wise men of the day and it was the wig that created such a bridge of opportunity. Men wore them openly in... read more

DBG Spotlight (5-16-18)

Often people visit or attend a church without joining it. John MacArthur explains why you should join a local church. Should I Stay Home from Church When Life Gets Hard? — In the wake of a recent Beth Moore tweet, people are asking a very important question worthy of... read more

Three Types of Pastors Who Help the Church

As I’ve noted through this series, the church is God’s will for us in the journey of faith. We were never designed to be people who journey alone. However, as we consider the context of the local church, each with its own personality and membership... read more

Raising Timothy for God’s Glory

Yesterday I preached from 2 Timothy 3:10-17 as we focused on the importance of godly mothers. When we read the New Testament, one name continues to resurface in many different chapters in relation to many different churches in various different contexts. That name... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-11-18)

Many people ask about the origin of evil, but in this sermon R.C. Sproul discusses the definition and source. A Response to Andy Stanley: Jesus and the Old Testament, What God has joined together, let not man separate — Once every 12-18 months, we see some dust-up... read more

Three Types of Pastors Who Hinder the Church

Over the last two weeks, I have been writing a short series on different types of people who help and hinder the local church. Today, I want to focus on the leaders. While the local church is absolutely necessary for the journey of faith, it’s not exactly... read more

DBG Spotlight (5-9-18)

The 2019 G3 Conference will be centered on the subject of missions. The theme is titled, “The Mission of God: A Biblical Understanding of Missions.” Will you join us in January? The short video below will help explain the emphasis, and I hope you can join... read more

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