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DBG Weekend Spotlight (10-19-18)

Are you ready for this exciting conference that will be held in January on the theme of “The Mission of God” in Atlanta? Make your reservations to join us! Details can be found at G3Conference.com. Transgender bathroom policy leads to sexual assault of... read more

Preach Simple Sermons

For many years, the light of the gospel was veiled beneath Rome’s liturgy that was led by the Latin tongue even when people didn’t understand what was being communicated. The worship of the Roman Catholic Church was filled with obscure phraseology and... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-17-18)

Can we know for sure that we are saved? From one of our live Ask Ligonier events, Sinclair Ferguson looks at the doctrine of assurance and what it means to be born again. The Joy of Overlooking an Offense — This is a helpful read and worthy of consideration.... read more

The Rise in Women Preachers and What You Should Know

The category of “women preachers” has drastically risen in recent days and while some celebrate this trend—others are very concerned. How did we arrive at this juncture? Why are more women pursuing the pulpit and why are more Christian leaders promoting... read more

Funeral Sermon: Not Far from the Kingdom

Last week I received a phone call that a man I’ve known for many years suddenly passed away. He was young. He was strong. He was skilled at his job. He loved his family, and now—without a moment of notice, he’s in eternity. We know the script of such... read more

DBG Spotlight 10-12-18 (Weekend Edition)

After taking a season off through an extremely busy summer filled with travel, speaking engagements, and other responsibilities—the DBG Spotlight is back. It is my desire during these posts to highlight good articles in various different lanes (from ministry and... read more

What Happens After Death?

There is much mystery surrounding death and the unknown plagues many people with fear. However, it’s not completely veiled and mysterious since the Bible provides details. The good news is that we don’t need the “heavenly tourism” books to provide us the details of... read more

John MacArthur and John Piper — Q&A

Sitting down to talk with pastors and those who have been in the ministry for a long time is always a wonderful treat for me. I’m sure you enjoy the same type of interaction as well – even if you’re not a preacher. Just as a Christian, it’s... read more

Toxic Behaviors to Avoid as an Elder

The work of a pastor is difficult. Time is often consumed with prayer, the study of the Word, and serving people. It’s a demanding calling, but joyful at the same time. Charles Spurgeon once stated the following: [A pastor’s] work, when earnestly undertaken,... read more

Why Liberation Theology Never Liberates

Throughout history, different degrees and forms of liberation theology have emerged within Christian circles. This has been true of Christian circles in America and beyond. The Church of Jesus has faced Black Liberation Theology, Women’s Liberation, and the... read more

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