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3 Questions to Ask Yourself about Modern Prophecy

Is the gift of prophecy given to the church in our present day?  Was the gift of prophecy reserved for the apostolic era of church history?  What must we say about the numerous accounts of modern-day prophecies that people continue to share.  Some are formally given... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-26-17)

In this clip provided by Todd Friel and Wretched, Phil Johnson points to the “tone police” in the local church today who want every preacher to deliver soft messages. The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church — Tim Challies writes, “This passage does,... read more

The Great Command for the Husband

Yesterday I had the privilege to preach on the role and responsibility of the husband in the marriage relationship from Ephesians 5:25.  As we continue to walk through Ephesians together as a church, we looked at the wife in our last sermon in our series and... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-21-17)

Is the pope the church’s high priest?  In this short video, Dr. Nathan Busenitz provides some helpful information regarding the office of the pope and the doctrinal positions of the Roman Catholic Church. James White Debate — Tonight, James White will debate Joe... read more

Paul Remembered Mary

Paul loved Christ and His church, and it is obvious from his letters to the local churches that Paul’s love for God’s people was genuine.  At the end of Romans, Paul dives off into a series of greetings and acknowledgements. It’s quite clear that... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-19-17)

In this video, John MacArthur answers live questions from his congregation in an evening church service setting reserved for that occasion.  You will find these questions and answers helpful as you think, study, and read the Word of God. Learning to Love the Psalms: A... read more

Please Stop Giving Bad Invitations

Some people call it “drawing the net” or an “invitation,” while others simply refer to it as an “altar call.”  It’s typically a time of decision at the end of a sermon where people are invited to the front to counsel and pray... read more

How Do We Know Jesus Is the Risen Savior?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to preach from John 2:13-22 on Resurrection day.  It was a good day of celebration for our church as we witnessed two people follow Christ in believer’s baptism, we engaged in the singing of the gospel to celebrate the... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-14-17)

On this day set aside to remember the death of Jesus on the cross, take time to consider the immense significance.  Paul Washer points to the text of Scripture where Jesus Christ died for sinners and ascended to the high throne of God—something no man has ever done in... read more

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