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DBG Spotlight (7-26-17)

This is a really good (audio) version of Elisabeth Elliot telling the story of Jim Elliot’s life, ministry, and martyrdom. Four Sources of Discord in Your Church — This is a helpful article from Tim and one every church member should take to heart as we’re... read more


Yesterday morning we engaged in a new preaching series through the letter of 1 John—one of three letters written by the apostle John who also penned the Gospel of John.  Over the next 90 days, we intend to walk through this relatively short letter and examine our own... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (7-21-17)

Take a moment (2 min.) to watch the short promo of the 2018 G3 Conference.  Pass it along to your friends by sharing it on Facebook and hopefully—we will see you in Atlanta in January. Creationism support is at a new low. The reason should give us hope — The Young... read more

Can the Uneducated Learn Bible Doctrine?

Some of the greatest Christian examples in my life are (and were) uneducated.  They gave themselves to the study of God through the pages of the Scriptures.  What a tremendous example it is for the uneducated factory worker to set before his family the importance of... read more

DBG Spotlight (7-19-17)

In the 2017 G3, we held two Q&A sessions and below is the second session in full.  One of the highlights of all conferences often centers around the Q&A sessions.  Consider joining us in Atlanta next January for the 2018 G3 Conference. 4 Ways Elders’ Wives Can... read more

4 Compelling Reasons to Pray for Your Pastor

Over the past eleven weeks, our church has been studying through D.A. Carson’s book—Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation in Sunday school.  That study nicely intersected with the end of Ephesians as Paul placed his focus on the need for prayer to... read more

Paul’s Big Ambition for the Church

Yesterday, we finished our series through the book of Ephesians.  It was bittersweet.  To come to the end of a lengthy study is a good thing, but it also makes you realize that it will likely be many years before you return to this great book that Ruth Paxson once... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (7-14-17)

In a recent discussion with Voddie Baucham, I asked him about preaching’s role in the work of discipleship.  When we think of discipleship, we often think of the small group setting or the coffee shop Bible study, but what about preaching and the process of... read more

The Need for Perseverance in the Faith

T he Christian life is not a sprint.  If you watch a long distance race, the runners often start much slower than a sprint, and there’s a reason for it.  The distance runner cannot win the marathon by winning the first 100 meters of a 26.2 mile race.  The... read more

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