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DBG Spotlight (11-14-18)

Check out this short explanation by Dwain Atkinson on why he returns to the G3 Conference. Will you be joining us this January? Reserve your seat by visiting G3Conference.com. My Suffering Has Not Defined Me — When going through seasons of suffering, it’s... read more

Joyful Sanctification

Why is sanctification essential for the Christian? Quite simply put, it’s God’s will for his people to be sanctified and it’s through this sanctification that each of God’s children receives the assurance of their salvation. Without... read more

Christ Is Far Better Than Adam

Yesterday I preached from Romans 5:15-17 in our series through Romans. In this paragraph, we see Paul explaining how Christ is far superior to bless than Adam was to curse. In verse 14, he called Adam a type of Christ, but now suddenly, he dives off into a three part... read more

Christians are People of Truth

It was Daniel Webster who once remarked, “There is nothing so powerful as truth—and often nothing so strange.” We live in a culture of lies. The devil is the father of all lies and this world is filled with a web of lies. When it comes to life in general, people... read more

DBG Spotlight (11-6-18)

In a couple of months, we will gather in Atlanta for the 2019 G3 Conference on the theme of missions. Listen to the testimony of Kofi explain why he attends the G3 and you should consider it as well. 8 Reminders Before You Comment on Social Media — Some good advice to... read more

Lectio Continua for the Pulpit and Pew

If the church is unified in a lectio continua approach to Bible reading and Bible preaching—it will create a solid and healthy foundation that will mark the life of the church. Lectio continua is a Latin phrase that means, continuous reading. This phrase has been used... read more

The Curse of Death in Adam

Yesterday in our series through Romans, I preached from Romans 5:12-14. This text is centered on the curse of sin that was brought into the world through Adam. The troubling consequences of Adam’s sin is that it brought to pass death—and this curse passed unto... read more

DBG Spotlight Weekend Edition (11-2-18)

Voddie Baucham preached in the 2018 G3 Conference on the subject, “The Heart of Discipleship.” You will want to carve out time to listen to this sermon and then consider making your plans to join us this January by registering at G3Conference.com.... read more

Help the Church Worship Through Song with Excellence

Many people may not realize this fact, but before the Reformation worship was dead and lifeless. It was through the Reformation that congregational singing was reintroduced in the life of the local church. Today, over five hundred years after the Reformation a... read more

Reformation Day Offer

Today marks the 501st anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. As we consider the importance of our place in history and how this movement has shaped us personally and how we worship corporately—the G3 Conference has a great offer for you to consider as you make... read more

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