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When Was the Last Time You Repented?

You cannot rightly call yourself a Christian if you haven’t repented. Do you recall the first time you repented before the Lord of glory? No feeling in life can transcend higher and be more satisfying than to be at peace with God. Yet, for many Christians,... read more

The Hope of Romans 8:1

Yesterday I had the privilege to preach Romans 8:1 in our series through the book of Romans. If Romans is the greatest book in all of the Bible, and I believe it is, we should pay close attention to what it says.If Romans is the greatest book in the Bible, what is the... read more

Words from an Old Man Who Prayed for More Time

Sometimes we are really good at putting people into little groups in the local church and waling right past one another. Often teenagers walk around in the church with the idea that the older people don’t really care about them. They blink a couple of times and... read more

The Romans 8 Challenge

In all of the Bible, there is not a more encouraging chapter to me personally than the eighth chapter of Romans. This past week, as I wrapped up the seventh chapter in our study of Romans—I issued a challenge to the church to memorize the entire eighth chapter. We... read more

The Crisis and Comfort of Romans 7

Yesterday, in our series through Romans, I had the privilege to preach the concluding verses (24-25) of Romans chapter seven. As you may know, the seventh chapter of Romans is one of the most difficult passages to interpret in all of Romans—indeed in all of the Bible.... read more

Properly Celebrating Women’s Day

As our world celebrates “Women’s Day” we are sure to hear many encouraging stories of perseverance and diligence.  We will be pointed to many accomplishments of women around the world. From the arts to politics and within the world of business and... read more

Different Standards or Genuine Stumbling Block?

In the Christian life, it’s not uncommon to hear someone referenced as a stumbling block. However, what exactly is a stumbling block and what is the difference between a genuine stumbling block and a violation of a person’s standards on a particular issue?... read more

Paul — A Prisoner of War

In our study through Romans, we are presently in chapter seven. This is one of the most difficult chapters to interpret in Romans, and for that matter, in all of God’s Word. Scholarship has been divided over what Paul is communicating in this chapter. For some,... read more

Knowledge without Zeal

Unless a person comes to the knowledge of the truth by God’s sovereign grace, he will be forever lost in his unbelief (1 Tim. 2:4; 2 Tim. 2:25). So it was with an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther. As Luther focused on Romans 1:17, God caused a divine ray of grace... read more

How to Choose a Good Church

This past Sunday, we had two guests who drove a good distance to be with us for worship. One drove from the Stone Mountain area while the other drove from Lagrange, Georgia—both are right about one hour from our church campus. As they discussed their situations, each... read more

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