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Misunderstanding the Five Solas—Sola Scriptura

As we near the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, I will be writing a 5-part series on the five solas.  However, it will not be a series that merely seeks to define the historic principles in an academic manner.  Instead, the series will focus on how easily it is... read more

Celebrating 175 Years

Yesterday we gathered for a special day of worship and fellowship with our church as we celebrated the 175th anniversary of our church.  Often when I travel, people ask about our church.  When I tell them the name, they hear it and automatically think I’m saying... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-13-17)

At the 2017 G3 Conference, Todd Friel sat down with Nathan Busenitz to talk about the Roman Catholic Church and the exaltation of Mary. The Christian’s Duty to Hold Firm — “In our day, where pluralism reigns in the culture, there is as much satirical... read more

From Creation to Salvation

In recent years, it has been my joy to serve as pastor to a wonderful and gifted young lady named Lita Cosner.  It has also been my joy to read her new book—From Creation to Salvation: What Jesus and the New Testament authors believed about Genesis.  I must admit that... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-11-17)

In less than 3 weeks, the rates for the 2018 G3 Conference will increase. Take this opportunity to secure your seats, form your groups, and make your reservations. Also remember as seats are reserved, people are also reserving their hotel rooms. If you are interested... read more


In 2008, Collin Hansen published a book titled: Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists and in doing so, coined the phrase Young, Restless, Reformed.  Today, that same group is no longer so young and restless. Although the movement is... read more

The Need for Biblical Discernment

Yesterday I preached from 1 John 4:1-6 in continuing our series through John’s epistle.  As we read John’s statement—”test the spirits,”  we immediately sense the urgent call to biblical discernment.  Not only is this essential for the churches... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (10-6-17)

October 31st will prove to be an important day for at least two reasons—the historic 500th anniversary of the Reformation and secondly, the rates for the 2018 G3 Conference will increase at midnight.  Go ahead and form your groups, save the date, and make your... read more

A Song for the Church in Seasons of Fear

Music is medicinal for the the troubled soul.  When King Saul was troubled, he would have David play the harp as a means of soothing his weary soul.  When we find ourselves going through trials and seasons of terror—the people of God should turn to the songs of... read more

DBG Spotlight (10-4-17)

Todd Friel covers “Ten point test to know you are a Christian…or not.” Not only is this important, but so is the announcement just below this video. Wretched Radio and TV — The Wretched team with Todd Friel announced this Monday that all of their radio and... read more

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