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The Moment of Truth — Steven Lawson

In his book, The Moment of Truth,  Steven Lawson makes the clear argument that truth exists, it’s reliable, and it reigns supreme. He clearly establishes his points from the pages and authority of holy Scripture. The book is a published collection of sermons... read more

Proof of God’s Judgment

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege to preach Romans 1:24-32 in our series through Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. In our previous study, we covered Paul’s warning regarding God’s wrath and how it’s poured out upon those who continue to... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-20-18)

This week the 2019 G3 Conference promo video was released and you should take just a little more than one minute to check it out for yourself. The Best Argument for Using a Printed Bible — Yet in this year of worldwide travel for that church history project I’m... read more

Why Women Should Not Teach the Bible to Men

The pulpit of a well known Bible teacher in recent history had a sign on the front of it that read, “Sir, we would see Jesus.” In our age of inclusiveness, should the sign read, “Preacher, we would see Jesus” in order to accommodate both men... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-18-18)

Take just 78 seconds of your life to consider why missions is necessary and then make your reservations to join us in January at the 2019 G3 Conference on the theme—”The Mission of God: A Biblical Understanding of Missions.” God Is Incomprehensible —... read more

Confessions of a Selfie Saturated Culture

Open to the public in Glendale, California for the ticket price of $25 per person is the Museum of Selfies. According to the website for the museum, “The Museum of Selfies is an interactive museum that explores the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie –... read more

The Fool Rejects God

Yesterday I had the privilege to preaching Romans 1:19-23 in our series through Romans. The text itself provided a clear and valid argument for the existence of God and the foolishness of rejecting God—which leads to greater and greater depravity. As Christians, we... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-13-18)

One of the attendees of the G3 Conference, Pastor Jay, is an American Indian who explains why he often attends the G3 and you should too. The Boy Who Did Not Come Back From Heaven Suing Tyndale House — This is an important story in the world of “Heavenly... read more

Do Not Underestimate a Prayer Meeting

Do you underestimate or undervalue a prayer meeting? We anticipate the possibilities of sermon and often a song, but we often approach a prayer meeting with low expectations. When you hear of a prayer meeting that’s scheduled in the life of your church—what is... read more

DBG Spotlight (4-11-18)

In this short video, Tim Chalies provides the history of and explanation behind the sermon that Paul Washer preached in Montgomery Alabama to 5,000 youth. That sermon has been used to save hundreds – perhaps thousands of people. It has been titled, “The... read more

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