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Act Like Men

Satan delights in denigrating what God created as good. It has always been God’s plan for his Church to possess a certain masculinity in leadership and that masculinity flows into the general membership as well. One of the depressing realities of our modern... read more

The Righteousness We Need

Yesterday I preached from Romans 3:21-26 in our series through Romans. Paul made it very clear in the previous section that both Jew and Gentile stand in need of salvation because all have sinned. Paul turns his focus in this paragraph to the righteousness... read more

Why Expository Preaching?

Often I find myself in conversations with prospective members about why we are committed to expository preaching. Many churches have a different approach to preaching which is usually topical or series driven so that it presents itself as ultra relevant. In an age of... read more

The Truth About Sin

Yesterday morning, in our study through Romans, our text was Romans 3:9-20. I titled the sermon, “The Truth About Sin” because Paul comes to a climax in his argument about how both the Jew and the Gentile are all under sin—guilty before God. In short, sin... read more

God Is Faithful and Righteous

Yesterday, I preached from Romans 3:1-8 as we continued our series through Romans on Sunday mornings. As Paul turned from the Gentiles to focus on the Jews in chapter 2, he continued that aim in chapter 3 as well as he begins looking at the value of being a Jew. The... read more

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