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The Sunday Sermon Is Not a TED Talk

We live in a world full of ideas. With the highway of information technology, we can access information at any given moment of any given day from most places in the world using something as small as a smart phone device. With all of this information, curious minds are... read more

Rejoice in Suffering

Yesterday I preached Romans 5:1-5 in our series through Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. After spending an entire chapter on the faith of Abraham and demonstrating that he was justified by faith alone—Paul turns to chapter five and points out two things that... read more

Don’t Assume That Your Assumptions Are True

Never assume assumptions are safe. If you spend most of your time building your positions and beliefs based on assumptions, you will be a very shallow and misguided person. If you’re a preacher, well, you will be a very shallow and misguided preacher. Consider... read more

G3 Conference | Resources and More

In 2013 we launched what was planned to be a Bible conference for churches in our area, and it turned out to be a national conference from the very first year. Apparently, the Lord had other plans for what is known as the G3 Conference. Through the years we have heard... read more

Can Christian Women Flourish Without Liberation Theology?

Years ago, the Women’s Liberation Movement rolled through America and forced its way into conservative evangelical circles. In 1970, Germaine Greer wrote The Female Eunuch which not only suggested that motherhood was a handicap but it went on to claim pregnancy... read more

Peace with God

Yesterday, I had the privilege to preach Romans 5:1-2 in our continuation of our series, “The Gospel According to Paul” — an exposition of Romans. We live in a world filled with violence, oppression, injustice, racial feuds, and war. The reason for all of... read more

10 Popular Errors in Preaching

I once heard an older wise man say, “I’ve wanted to write a book on marriage for so many years, but the reason that I’ve been prevented is based on the reality that I’ve never felt that I’ve reached the status of marriage-expert.”... read more

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