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Interview: Justin Peters

I recently had the privilege to connect with Justin Peters for a short interview regarding his conversion, ministry focus, and thoughts on the prosperity (Word-Faith) movement.  You can hear the full interview below and you can find out more about Justin Peters and... read more

Valley Gospel Alliance

In recent days I spoke with Anthony Mathenia about a new conference he is organizing in Virginia for the local churches in his area.  If you live in the area or surrounding regions—you should check it out. How long have you been a pastor of a local church? After... read more

DBG Spotlight (9-13-17)

On a regular basis, I am reminded of the need for biblical courage in preaching the Word. Conrad Mbewe proclaimed a wonderful sermon in the 2017 G3 and it has been a great encouragement to me. I trust it will be to you as well—even if you’re not a preacher.... read more

Luther Said What?

Next week, I will be teaching and preaching through Germany on a Reformation tour as we follow in the footsteps of the epic event that pierced the bowels of the Roman Catholic Church and unleashed the Word of God upon a dark world after approximately one thousand... read more

Three Eternally Important Questions

Yesterday morning, we continued our study through 1 John in our series titled, “Know.”  I preached 1 John 2:28-3:10 and it’s abundantly clear that the older and wise apostle was not interested in allowing his readers to remain in a state of spiritual... read more

DBG Weekend Spotlight (9-8-17)

The second Q&A session from the 2017 G3 Conference provided a good discussion on several important modern and historical subjects between Steven Lawson, James White, Voddie Baucham, David Hall, and Phil Johnson.  The conversation was moderated by Matthew Robinson.... read more

Add Spontaneity to Your Evangelism

Far too often we program and compartmentalize things that are intended to be engaged in more naturally.  One such area of life is evangelism. I was reminded of this reality last week as I walked around the pond in our local park.  I found myself talking with a man and... read more

DBG Spotlight (9-6-17)

In the 2017 G3 Conference, D.A. Carson preached on the subject, “Laying the Foundation.”  You will find the sermon helpful.  Are you registered for the 2018 G3?  Save the date and reserve your seats at G3Conference.com. Half of Protestants agree with... read more

Why I Signed the Nashville Statement—and You Should Too

In 1987, a very important statement was formed to provide clarity on human sexuality titled, The Danvers Statement.  The statement provided some helpful language on some difficult cultural matters back in 1987.  Over these 30 years, many cultural complications have... read more

Discerning Between Real and False Christianity

Yesterday morning we continued our series through 1 John and I had the privilege of preaching 1 John 2:18-27.  In John’s typical style, he bounced back and forth in a compare and contrast method to establish the clear difference between real and false... read more

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