John MacArthur expains what to look for in a pastor.  This is an important subject for any church searching for a pastor.

My Vision for the Future of CBMW – Denny Burk explians his decision that led to accepting a new position as the president of CBMW.

The Necessity of Divine Sovereignty – Justin Feland writes, “Within church history, the doctrine of God’s sovereignty represents a continental divide between denominations and theologians. Indeed, few Christians have gone untouched by this discussion in one way or another.”

Church History 101 – Tim Challies explains why church history is important and how you can know more about what God has done in the history of His people.

The Legacy of One-Point Calvinism and Casual Churchianty – John Piper writes, I grew up among a few million “one-point Calvinists” who misunderstood their one point: ‘once saved, always saved.'”

LGBT history lessons planned for California students – WORLD is reporting a serious issue that everyone in the Christian church must pay attention to.


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