The remainder of this week will be devoted to the 2016 G3 Conference. Therefore, I will not be posting any other articles.  The normal schedule of articles will pick up once again next week.  If you were unable to register this year for the G3, I would encourage you to watch live through the weekend as the conference will be streaming from


Every year I receive questions in person and through e-mail about how to put together a conference.  My answer is typically, “I don’t know.”  That is not false humility, but genuine honesty.  I don’t believe the success of the G3 Conference is based on my ability to put together a good conference.  It’s more than planning and hard work.  I will say that we have a tremendous amount of help from a dedicated church family who sees the vision and mission of the conference and desires to serve fellow Christians from around the world each January.

When asked about the conference, I simply explain that upon arriving back in the Atlanta area to serve as pastor of the church where I grew up as a boy, I desired to see a good theology conference in this area.  Through prayer with a fellow pastor in my church and planning, we launched a “Missions in March” conference that was held each consecutive Monday in March.  After the month passed, we examined the goals and came to the conclusions that we didn’t reach the intended goals.  We simply started praying and out of much prayer came the weekend theology conference known as – G3.

What exactly is G3?  It stands for “gospel, grace, and glory.”  From the beginning, we wanted to be unashamed about the fact that this conference was not a glorified pep rally for men.  We wanted the conference to be designed for the entire church and we wanted to avoid building upon a superficial foundation of pragmatism.  We desired the conference to be a theology conference that would take a specific theme each year and have guest preachers speak on topics connected to that subject.

We envisioned a few churches from our surrounding Atlanta area joining in, but as we approached January of 2013, it became apparent that God had bigger plans.  The first year the conference sold out and was at capacity. People traveled from all across the nation and a couple of different countries.  Our Livestream statistics were astounding to view.  Literally thousands of people from nearly 20 countries were watching along with us during that weekend.  From that first year to our present 4th year set to begin tomorrow, the G3 has filled to capacity each January.

I’m grateful to God for blessing this conference.  It is our desire to educate, encourage, and equip people through God’s Word and good Christian fellowship.  As always, we labor in love for the glory of God.

If you’re interested, you can likewise find archives from the last three years of the G3 Conference on the website.  You can likewise join us for the 2016 G3 Conference on the Trinity starting tomorrow.  The feed and other details regarding the G3 schedule will be available to you at

Please pray.

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