The 2018 G3 Conference is just one week away at this point (with the Spanish conference starting next Wednesday).  Due to the preparations of the conference, I will be working with our staff to make necessary preparations, pray, and prepare to preach in the conference.  I hope to see many of you in Atlanta, but if you can’t join us, I will encourage you to do the following:

  1. Pray. The event is designed to glorify God in the equipping and encouraging of believers from around the world.
  2. Watch on livestream during the weekend. Visit the website on Wednesday and Thursday to get started with the livestream options.
  3. Download the G3 app (FREE in your app store) where you will find all sessions in the archives after the event.
  4. This is a hint…the newly improved G3 Conference website will be launched just prior to the event.
  5. Last of all, don’t forget the special conference registration rates for 2019 that’s only available for one week after the 2018 event.

After the G3 Conference passes, the DBG blog will be back to normal starting January 30th.  Until then, I appreciate your prayers.