2018 G3 Conference

2018 G3 Conference

The 2018 G3 Conference is just one week away at this point (with the Spanish conference starting next Wednesday).  Due to the preparations of the conference, I will be working with our staff to make necessary preparations, pray, and prepare to preach in the conference.  I hope to see many of you in Atlanta, but if you can’t join us, I will encourage you to do the following:

  1. Pray. The event is designed to glorify God in the equipping and encouraging of believers from around the world.
  2. Watch on livestream during the weekend. Visit the G3Conference.com website on Wednesday and Thursday to get started with the livestream options.
  3. Download the G3 app (FREE in your app store) where you will find all sessions in the archives after the event.
  4. This is a hint…the newly improved G3 Conference website will be launched just prior to the event.
  5. Last of all, don’t forget the special conference registration rates for 2019 that’s only available for one week after the 2018 event.

After the G3 Conference passes, the DBG blog will be back to normal starting January 30th.  Until then, I appreciate your prayers.

2017 G3 Conference

2017 G3 Conference

This week, the 2017 G3 Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.  As we pray, plan, and prepare for the attendees to arrive, we would ask that you pray with us for this conference.  If you aren’t able to attend the conference, you can join us through the livestream option on the website.  Thank you for your prayers.  May the Lord use the G3 to educate, encourage, and equip through sound biblical teaching.


General Website

2018 G3 Conference Registration (watch the G3 website and social media for announcements this weekend).

*I will resume my normal blogging schedule next week.

Reflections on the 2016 G3

Reflections on the 2016 G3

It’s hard to believe that the 2016 G3 Conference is now another page in the history books.  This year the focus of the G3 Conference was the doctrine of the Trinity.  People from around the nation and beyond gathered together on our church campus located just west of Atlanta for an intensive weekend of preaching and singing.  Thousands more, from 52 different countries, watched the G3 through our Livestream.  As always, the G3 is designed to be a theology conference rather than a Christian pep rally built upon a superficial foundation.

Preaching and Teaching

One of the foundational goals of the G3 each year is to educate people in sound biblical teaching and preaching.  This year, we had 13 different sessions packed into three days.  If you add the pre-conference session with Dr. James White on Wednesday evening and the post-conference sessions on the Lord’s Day by Dr. James White and Dr. Steven Lawson, that brings the numbers to 16 sessions over 5 days.

One of the main emphases of the G3 this year was to point out that the doctrine of the Trinity is not some esoteric teaching reserved for the seminary classroom or selective group of spiritual elites.  The doctrine of the Trinity matters because God matters.  How we view God will shape our worship and many other aspects of life and ministry.

I was joined by a lengthy number of preachers (Bruce Ware, Steven Lawson, James White, Tim Challies, David Miller, Anthony Mathenia, H.B. Charles Jr., and Todd Friel) in the conference, and it seemed like there was a great mix of different styles, focal points, and specialties among the men speaking in the conference.  From pastors to seminary professors (and Todd Friel), the mixture provided depth, knowledge, and wisdom.

I preached the first session of the 2016 conference by preaching from the Great Commission passage.  The goal was to exhort everyone and remind us that we as Christians are called to proclaim a triune God from a Trinitarian book.  Tim Challies followed with an overview of the Trinity.  From that point, the conference was propelled onward.

With the conference in full stride by this point, the Trinity in salvation, the dependence upon the Holy Spirit in preaching, roles among the Persons of the Trinity, sanctification, the resurrection of Christ, and beholding the Trinity in worship were all different subjects that followed throughout the next two days.  There was a richness to the preaching and teaching.

Memorable Quotations

  • All who go to hell go there because of their own free will. All who go to heaven go there because of God’s sovereign will. ~ Steven Lawson
  • Jesus had to be fully God in order to represent God to man & fully man to represent man to God. ~ Steven Lawson
  • It’s hard to be godly and popular at the same time. ~ H.B. Charles Jr.
  • God demands perfect righteousness and in Christ, God supplies what God demands. ~ H.B. Charles Jr.
  • The Bible is like Big Mama’s house where you eat what she serves or you don’t eat at all. Can’t pick and choose! ~ H.B. Charles Jr.
  • You don’t want your election to be on the basis of what God foresaw. ~ David Miller
  • We know the Trinity because we’ve been known by the Trinity. ~ Tim Challies
  • The hard work of exegesis is an act of worship and a service to others. ~ James White
  • The Qur’an is only 14% the length of the Bible and was written by a man with no understanding of the Trinity. ~ James White
  • The Trinitarian confusion would evaporate with great exegetical teaching. ~ Todd Friel
  • There are no loopholes in the command to be Christ-like. ~ Anthony Mathenia
  • The #1 most magnificent evidence that the Spirit controls a person is that they love and want to be like Jesus. ~ Bruce Ware


Good conferences have their place in the life of the church.  One of those purposes is to encourage one another.  That certainly happened during the G3 this year.  I was greatly encouraged by old and new friends in the faith.  However, we were never intended to remain in the huddle.  We must move forward and get back in the game of life and ministry.

One particular man was in attendance this year from California who was with us last year as well.  The difference between this year and last year is that his wife was not in attendance this year because she finished her course in this life within the past several months.  This gentleman came along with friends – a good way to be encouraged in the faith.  I met a sweet couple who told me that they had been dismissed from their church a few weeks ago.  He was looking for another church to serve as pastor.  I could see the tears in their eyes as I spoke to them after one of the sessions.  It’s good to join together and be encouraged in conferences.

God has not called us to remain in endless hours of theology conferences.  God expects us to learn, gain tools, and be encouraged among the saints, and then He sends us back out into the context of difficulties, trials, and problems.  Ministry is never easy.  There will always be real people with real problems, but we can rest assured that we have a real Savior who has real solutions.

My heart is full of joy, my mind is full of truth, and my body is tired after this past week.  As I reflect on the success of the G3, I’m freshly reminded of what a great church I serve.  I’m freshly reminded of what a good pastoral team I serve alongside.  I’m grateful and encouraged and tired, however, I’m already looking forward to the 2017 G3 Conference.  I hope to see you there.

If you’re interested in early registration for the 2017 G3 Conference, you can go ahead and register until 1-29 (save $80).

All of the sessions will be archived to the G3 Conference website over the next several days.

2016 G3 Conference

The remainder of this week will be devoted to the 2016 G3 Conference. Therefore, I will not be posting any other articles.  The normal schedule of articles will pick up once again next week.  If you were unable to register this year for the G3, I would encourage you to watch live through the weekend as the conference will be streaming from G3Conference.com.


Every year I receive questions in person and through e-mail about how to put together a conference.  My answer is typically, “I don’t know.”  That is not false humility, but genuine honesty.  I don’t believe the success of the G3 Conference is based on my ability to put together a good conference.  It’s more than planning and hard work.  I will say that we have a tremendous amount of help from a dedicated church family who sees the vision and mission of the conference and desires to serve fellow Christians from around the world each January.

When asked about the conference, I simply explain that upon arriving back in the Atlanta area to serve as pastor of the church where I grew up as a boy, I desired to see a good theology conference in this area.  Through prayer with a fellow pastor in my church and planning, we launched a “Missions in March” conference that was held each consecutive Monday in March.  After the month passed, we examined the goals and came to the conclusions that we didn’t reach the intended goals.  We simply started praying and out of much prayer came the weekend theology conference known as – G3.

What exactly is G3?  It stands for “gospel, grace, and glory.”  From the beginning, we wanted to be unashamed about the fact that this conference was not a glorified pep rally for men.  We wanted the conference to be designed for the entire church and we wanted to avoid building upon a superficial foundation of pragmatism.  We desired the conference to be a theology conference that would take a specific theme each year and have guest preachers speak on topics connected to that subject.

We envisioned a few churches from our surrounding Atlanta area joining in, but as we approached January of 2013, it became apparent that God had bigger plans.  The first year the conference sold out and was at capacity. People traveled from all across the nation and a couple of different countries.  Our Livestream statistics were astounding to view.  Literally thousands of people from nearly 20 countries were watching along with us during that weekend.  From that first year to our present 4th year set to begin tomorrow, the G3 has filled to capacity each January.

I’m grateful to God for blessing this conference.  It is our desire to educate, encourage, and equip people through God’s Word and good Christian fellowship.  As always, we labor in love for the glory of God.

If you’re interested, you can likewise find archives from the last three years of the G3 Conference on the website.  You can likewise join us for the 2016 G3 Conference on the Trinity starting tomorrow.  The feed and other details regarding the G3 schedule will be available to you at G3Conference.com.

Please pray.

2016 G3 Conference

The 2016 G3 Conference will be devoted to the doctrine of the Trinity.  Plan ahead and reserve your seats now.  Consider taking a group from your church and learn to think critically about this important doctrine that stands at the center of the Christian faith.  TIP:  Over 50% of tickets are already sold for this conference that isn’t until January.