Growing in grace involves taking in good spiritual food.  I was recently talking with a new convert about his study habits and he was describing how he had ran across some strange websites in his attempt to start his walk with Christ.

Just like our physical bodies require good food to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the same thing is true regarding our soul.  We must be wise in what we read, who we listen to preach the Bible, and how we use our time.

If you’re like me, I often hear a sermon, but fail to taken in all of the truth presented in the moment of proclamation.  That’s why I’m grateful for technology and the ability to go back and listen to sermons after the conference ends or on Monday after the message was preached the previous day. A good sermon is worth listening to more than once.

Below is a sermon by Voddie Baucham that I heard in a past G3 Conference that I wanted to hear again.  It’s also one that I would like to pass along to you as well.  Enjoy!

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