A new documentary has been released with the title, “American Gospel: Christ Alone.” The film maker is Brandon Kimber, and in this film, he seeks to reveal how confused America is regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ—specifically as it pertains to health, wealth, and prosperity teachings. All human religion is based on one of two basic ideas, either man is good enough to work himself to God or he is so corrupt that God must rescue him. The man centered religion of works is the core of many world religions, but the idea that man is corrupt, guilty, helpless, and hopeless in sin and stands in need of salvation that comes by faith in Christ alone is the heart of Christianity.

Our culture is confused about the depravity of man, the deity of Christ, the message of the gospel, and the Trinity. With all of the confusion that abounds, is it any surprise that we find so many people swept away by fables and religious lies? In the documentary, Brandon Kimber seeks to capture the lies while presenting the truth of the gospel at the same time. Through great graphics, interviews of pastors and theologians as well as people who tell the raw details of how they have suffered in this life—the film does a great job of contrasting biblical Christianity from the strange versions that claim Jesus, but present a different gospel.

Take time to watch this film. You can rent it online at Vimeo.com and watch from your computer, television, smart phone, or tablet.