DBG Spotligt (5-23-18)

DBG Spotligt (5-23-18)

In “The Great Sermon Series” Tim Challies looks at the sermon preached by R.C. Sproul at T4G on the curse motif in the atonement.

Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote — Paige Patterson is at the center of one of the largest SBC controversies in many years. Now, he’s officially out of the leadership of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Truth in Minor Keys (Derek Thomas) — “At the risk of being labeled a musical snob, I venture a comment or two on one of the twentieth century’s greatest composers, the centenary of whose birth we celebrate this year–Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 – 1975).”

If Only Francis Were Luther! — “With the advent of Wim Wenders’s Pope Francis documentary in theaters, the policies of the current pontiff will no doubt be the subject of considerable and heated discussion in the media. Thanks to the turbulent history of the Roman Catholic Church, historical analogies will surely abound.”

What was lacking in Bishop Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon — Denny Burk explains what was lacking, and it would be good to pay close attention.

I sold The Babylon Bee and am no longer running it — The Bee has been sold.

7 Visible Signs of our Love to God — Thomas Watson once said: Before all else let us remember, our love to God is a sign of his love to us. ‘We love him because he first loved us.’ I John 4: 19.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-18-18)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-18-18)

In this short video, Josh Buice, Steven Lawson, Tim Challies, and Phil Johnson talk about missions and how it’s the responsibility of the local church.

Reconciled by the Will of God — This is how the article begins, but don’t fail to read to the end: “Reconciliation is difficult with people and impossible with God. We can build bridges to those previously offended and patch the wounds of those we’ve hurt. But God is perfectly righteous and perfectly just. We are powerless to repair the damage done by our crimes against Him.”

The Cost of His Discipleship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906–45) — Stephen Nichols writes, “Whether Bonhoeffer was justified in his actions of conspiring to assassinate Hitler or not, or whether his death is an execution or a martyrdom, one thing emerges. Bonhoeffer’s contentment, even joy, while being in a Nazi prison cell was rooted in the reality that he was dead and that he was raised to new life in Christ.”

Two Questions To Ask about Your Apps — Tim Challies observes, “Recent headlines and revelations are causing a lot of us to think deeply about the apps we use, and especially the ones categorized as social media. We are beginning to question whether they are as beneficial and essential to our lives as perhaps we once assumed.”

You Need More Than a Better You — Mark Dever says, “The Bible teaches that you don’t need a better you, you need a *new* you.”

Andy Stanley Checks Himself Into Theological Rehab — “ATLANTA, GA—After yet another “confusing at best” statement by popular preacher and author Andy Stanley, the pastor checked himself into a local theological rehab center Wednesday.”

Indonesian Churches Blasted by Family of Suicide Bombers — “Suicide bombers launched coordinated attacks on three Indonesian churches during worship services this morning, leaving more than a dozen people dead and at least 40 more injured in a series of bloody blasts that horrified the country’s Christian minority and Muslim majority alike.”

This week on the DBG Blog:

  • Three Types of Pastors Who Help the Church — In this article, I seek to point out the types of pastors (although every pastor is all three of these at some level) who help the church by growing the people spiritually.
  • Wigs and Wisdom — In this article, I point to the prevailing trends of our day where the old want to be young and the young never want to be old—which points to another trend—the lack of biblical wisdom. Unfortunately, many adults in the church are more committed to their games than they are the gospel—which leaves the church trending downward in the area of gospel maturity.


DBG Spotlight (5-16-18)

DBG Spotlight (5-16-18)

Often people visit or attend a church without joining it. John MacArthur explains why you should join a local church.

Should I Stay Home from Church When Life Gets Hard? — In the wake of a recent Beth Moore tweet, people are asking a very important question worthy of a biblical answer.

Homeschoolers Defeat California Oversight Bill — “California homeschoolers converged on the state Capitol last week to voice opposition to a bill that would require state officials to collect and make public a list of families that educate their children at home. After listening to three hours of testimony, no member of the Assembly Education Committee wanted to go on record supporting the measure by making a motion for a vote, effectively killing the bill.”

How to Read the Bible — and Preach It — “Good sermons and good Bible reading push into a writer’s words, grammar, and logic to embrace all the glorious realities behind them.”

What Is the Soul? Is It Different from the Spirit? — “You might be surprised to learn that much of what people believe about the soul or spirit doesn’t come from the Bible.”

Pastoral Anxiety — “But be encouraged. God uses weak things to shame the strong (1 Cor. 1:27). His grace is sufficient for you; His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12:9).”

Do Your Children Play Video Games? — Some good counsel from Tim Challies.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-11-18)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (5-11-18)

Many people ask about the origin of evil, but in this sermon R.C. Sproul discusses the definition and source.

A Response to Andy Stanley: Jesus and the Old Testament, What God has joined together, let not man separate — Once every 12-18 months, we see some dust-up from something controversial said by Andy Stanley in a sermon or at a conference. Here is the latest version, and a good response worthy of your time.

Benefits and Negatives of a Long-Term Pastorate — Take time to review this list of advantages and disadvantages for a lengthy pastorate in one location.

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Two Paths, One Way” — “Hell has many residents who formerly professed faith in Christ. They didn’t “lose their salvation” because that’s biblically impossible (John 10:27–29). They are people who claimed to know Jesus, only to find out that Jesus didn’t know them.”

Isaiah’s Sixfold Depiction of God’s Glory — “What kind of God does the prophet proclaim in Isaiah 42:18– 43:21? What must God be like if He promises to restore and renew despite the abject failure of His people?”

$5 Friday: Marriage, Providence, & the Holy Spirit — Some good books for only $5.

Piper’s Six-Stage Process for Writing Books — “After writing over fifty books, Pastor John explains his six-stage process, from gathering the initial idea to seeing the project come to life.”

North Korea Frees American Christians — This is some really encouraging news.

This week on the DBG blog:

  • Three Types of Pastors Who Hinder the Church — In this article, I seek to point out three types of pastors who can hinder the church in various ways—and not all of them are necessarily false teachers.
  • Three Types of People Who Help the Church — In this series of “Three Types”—I continue by looking at three types of people who help the church. We would do well to appreciate these people and to pray for them in the life of our local church.


DBG Spotlight (5-9-18)

DBG Spotlight (5-9-18)

The 2019 G3 Conference will be centered on the subject of missions. The theme is titled, “The Mission of God: A Biblical Understanding of Missions.” Will you join us in January? The short video below will help explain the emphasis, and I hope you can join with us. Details and registration are found at G3Conference.com.

The Gracious Work of the Holy Spirit — “Many people come to faith in Jesus Christ long before they are able to articulate the theology of regeneration and conversion.”

Matt Chandler’s Radical Reminder that “God Is For God” — “When I announced this Great Sermons Series, it did not take long for a whole lot of people to ask for it to be included. So here it is: Matt Chandler’s Radical Reminder that ‘God Is For God.'”

Messengers of Reconciliation — “We have been given the ministry of reconciliation. In a sense, it’s simply another way to describe the Great Commission—going into all the world, preaching the gospel to every creature, making disciples, baptizing, and teaching them to observe all the things that Christ has commanded (Matthew 28:18–20).”

Hudson Taylor’s Founding of the China Inland Mission — “Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a faith-stretching undertaking to which you sense God is calling you? Here’s how Hudson Taylor worked through such a situation.”

A Few Thoughts on Repentance — Some good reminders about what repentance looks like and how it’s accomplished from a biblical perspective.

Six Reasons the Church Needs Corporate Prayer — “For the early church, prayer was not an afterthought, or the Christian way to start and end a meeting. Prayer was not an addendum to the “real work” of the apostles. Prayer was central then and it must be for us now.”


DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-27-18)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (4-27-18)

Listen as Pastor Tungpi from Myanmar provides a testimony on why he attends the G3 Conference. You can reserve your seat at G3Conference.com.

Working and Worshiping — “In the gospels we meet two sisters who became close friends with Jesus during His public ministry. While they shared in common their love for the Lord, Scripture repeatedly emphasizes their differences. And there is much we can glean from the contrast between these two godly women.”

Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as Worship — “Christian preaching is a God-appointed means of transforming its hearers in both head and heart — not only in intellect, but also in affections.”

We must keep the work of evangelism central — I really appreciate what Conrad Mbewe has sated here as he writes, “We are majoring in minors. Do not get me wrong. Social, economic, and political issues are important. Thankfully, the preaching of the gospel will have social and political ramifications. Benevolence comes from hearts that are converted and are overwhelmed by the love of God.”

Liberals Urge Nation To Respect Minorities’ Opinions Until Those Opinions Contradict Them — According to the Babylon Bee, “After legendary hip-hop artist Kanye West expressed his support for President Donald Trump on Twitter, igniting a firestorm of controversy, liberals reminded the nation that everyone needs to respect minorities’ opinions until the exact moment those opinions contradict their own.”

New Edition of R.C. Sproul’s Classic Book: If There’s a God, Why Are There Atheists? — “Atheists say that religion is constructed to meet human psychological needs. But could it be that the opposite is true? Is there a psychological bias against God?”

$5 Friday: Worship, Sanctification, & the Holy Spirit — Some good offerings on this Friday $5 deal opportunity.

Ford to stop selling every car in North America but the Mustang and Focus Active — The Taurus is no more.

This week on the DBG Blog: