DBG Spotlight (12-13-17)

DBG Spotlight (12-13-17)

As you may know, Dr. R.C. Sproul is very ill and has been hospitalized for approximately 2 weeks.  Please pray for Dr. Sproul and his family during this difficult season.  You can find updates on the Ligonier Website. As we pray for Dr. Sproul, take time to watch this presentation on the holiness of God.

Favorite Books: What’s Your Favorite Christian Biography? — Melissa Kruger talks about her favorite biography which you will likely want to pick up and read if you haven’t already.

Reformation 500, Social Justice and the Gospel (Jon D. Payne) — “This year’s Reformation 500-fest has served the church well. It has forced Reformed Christians everywhere to remember our rich Protestant and Reformed heritage, and to reflect upon the nature and centrality of the gospel– the true gospel announcing redemption for wretched sinners through the penal substitutionary death and hell-conquering resurrection of the Son of God.”

Will There be Christmas in Heaven? — “The heart of Christmas is celebration of the coming of Messiah (Luke 2:10–11). Will there be celebration in the eternal state? Yes! And it will be kicked off with the biggest party of them all, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Rev 19:6-9).”

Put The X Back In Xmas! — “Some people seem positively determined to interpret every bit of available data as evidence that there is a vast conspiracy whose goal is to stamp out Christmas, and to especially stamp out any Christian association with Christmas. Quite frankly, I’m not buying it, and I’m annoyed, saddened and offended by much of it.”

On the Pope’s Desire to Change the Wording of the Lord’s Prayer — “Pope Francis has challenged the traditional wording of the Lord’s Prayer, suggesting that it be changed.  The news media, as usual, has obscured the fact that the Pope is not wanting to alter the Lord’s words or the Biblical text, just saying that the familiar rendition in the various languages is not a good translation…”

The Peace We All Long For — “Jesus Christ, born of Mary, born in Bethlehem, born on Christmas morning, brings permanent and ultimate peace on earth. The peace we all long for is found in Christ.”

Angels in the Bible: What Do We Actually Know About Them? — Many people place a great deal of emphasis upon angelic beings, but what do we know about angels?


DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-17)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (12-8-17)

In this session from the 2010 Ligonier West Coast Conference, Christless Christianity, John MacArthur exposed the ministry teaching and methods of Joel Osteen.

Announcing a New Series of Booklets — Tim Challies announces a new series of booklets.

Warning: Christmas Is Coming! — “Your family is about to be attacked by a holiday season.

You Are Never More Justified Than the Moment You First Believed — “In this brief clip from his teaching series The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson explains that our sanctification does not add to our justification.”

An Update on Dr. Sproul’s Health — Dr. Sproul is hospitalized and you can keep up with his condition over at Ligonier’s website.  Please take time to pray for him.

Immutability and Reformed Theology — Kevin DeYoung will challenge you to think regarding God’s immutability in this article.  He writes, “This means that we should not write off all the “relenting” language as simply “anthropomorphic.” While there is “some truth in that description” as it describes things from an atemporal perspective, the anthropomorphic label is not helpful in describing God as an actor in history.”

Benny Hinn Suddenly Realizes God Might Be Real — From the Babylon Bee.

Churchill Film ‘Darkest Hour’ Offers Compelling Vision of Leadership — Owen Strachan provides a helpful review of the new film on Churchill.

$5 Friday: Jesus, the Trinity, & Holiness — Some good books because it’s Friday!

Bethlehem’s Supernatural Star — “Over and over the Bible baffles our curiosity about just how certain things happened. How did this “star” get the magi from the east to Jerusalem?”


DBG Spotlight (12-6-17)

DBG Spotlight (12-6-17)

There are many false teachers and antiChrists who are already out in the world sowing their seeds of discord.  This has been the case since the day of the early church and we see a clear warning by John in 1 John 4:1.  Take a moment to watch this video where Justin Peters exposes many of the popular false prophets of our day.

Thomas Watson on Why God Became Man — “Here in Luke 2, the angel is announcing the birth of Israel’s Savior-King.  However, the announcement is quite unexpected; not that the baby will become a great and powerful leader; but that the great and powerful leader of the Jewish people had become a baby.”

Peace to Those with Whom He Is Pleased — “Peace for whom? There is a somber note sounded in the angels’ praise. Peace among those on whom his favor rests.”

How to Import a Pre-Made Outline into Your Sermon — Tips and tricks from Logos that may help you in preparing a sermon or a lesson for a Bible study.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy: When Was the Earliest Complete List of New Testament Books? — This is a really good conversation that is worthy of your time.

What does a healthy church look like? — Mark Dever explains what a healthy church looks like in this short video.

What Then Shall We Sing About? — “One of the most powerful influences in creation is music. Music has the ability to impress the mind, provoke the emotions of the heart, and activate the deepest recesses of our memories.”

God Is Always at Work for Us and for Our Good — “Psalm 18 is a psalm of David, a song celebrating “the day when the LORD rescued him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.” This psalm, the longest of Book One, praises God for His deliverance.”


DBG Spotlight (12-1-17)

DBG Spotlight (12-1-17)

It’s officially the Christmas season of 2017 as the calendar flipped over to December 1st.  Enjoy this great song from the ministry of Sovereign Grace Music.

Remarkable Bible Memorization — “It is within a man’s private life, in the refuge of recreation, in those “unseen hours,” where his character is most laid bare.”

5 Reasons We Switched from Small Groups to Sunday School — “This fall we did something that will seem crazy to many. We moved from a small group model to a Sunday school model (under a different name).”

When Community Isn’t Gospel Community — “When believers discuss biblical community, we talk about it in different ways: doing life together, life on life, “one another”ing each other. While this sounds good in principle, we often get it wrong in practice. Here are 3 ways we can easily get it wrong and what to do about it.”

Leaders in the Church — “In the immediate post-Pentecost fledgling church, there appears to have been very little structure, just a community overseen by Apostles and committed to four distinctive features: Apostolic teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and “the prayers” (Acts 2:42).”

How To Use Accountability Software Right – Three-Minute Thursdays #5 — Three minutes of your day that will be well spent.

$5 Friday: Faith, Prayer, & Reformation — Some good resources for only $5.

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Greatest Child Ever Born” — “In his sermon “The Greatest Child Ever Born,” John MacArthur draws our attention back where it belongs during this frequently overwrought season. Extolling the uniqueness of Christ in His incarnation, John looks at the detailed description the angel Gabriel delivered to Mary regarding the character and nature of the Child she would bear (Luke 1:26-35).”

G3 Conference:  In January, we will host our 6th annual G3 Conference on the theme of discipleship.  In the meantime, download the G3 app from your app store for FREE and keep up with the news, events, and enjoy all of the archives from the history of the G3.

DBG Spotlight (11-29-17)

DBG Spotlight (11-29-17)

One of the best questions and answers sessions that I’ve watched from the archives of Ligonier Ministries, and one that displays the classic personality of R.C. Sproul who is passionate for truth.

All That Is In God — A book that you will likely not read, but you probably should.

On His Birthday, 3 Things I’ve Learned from C. S. Lewis — Lessons from Lewis on his birthday.

TULIP and The Doctrines of Grace — An explanation of TULIP by Steven Lawson without spelling it properly.

When Your Church Dissapoints — Sometimes people in your church and perhaps even leaders in your church can disappoint you.  What is the proper response?

Is Your Marriage Lying to the World? — Many people haven’t stopped to consider the connection between the gospel and marriage.

Something profound in our generation — “A nice church filled with nice people doing nice things will make no impact in the intensity of our times.”

More Ways to Make Logos Bible Software Work for You — More tips from Logos Bible Software.


DBG Weekend Spotlight (11-24-17)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (11-24-17)

In the 2017 G3 Conference, Paul Washer preached on the subject, “The Ever-Present Danger of Apostasy.”  You can hear his sermon in full below.  Note, you can also find all of the archives of the G3 Conference on the G3 app—available for free in the app store.

Black Friday 2017 Deals for Christians — Some good deals worthy of your consideration.

Beware of the Idol of Busyness at Christmas — Paul Tripp provides a helpful warning.

The Courage to Share Jesus — “Here are some reflections from NFL running back Matt Forte, about how God has empowered him to share Christ even when it’s uncomfortable.”

$5 Black Friday: Over 80 Resources on Sale for $5 — Some really big Black Friday deals from Ligonier.

New and Notable Books – Three-Minute Thursdays #4 — Tim Challies takes a look at some new and noteworthy books just in time for the holidays.

Adam, où en es-tu ? — If you speak French, I want you to know about this blog.  I preached in a conference in France a couple of months ago and had the privilege to meet Guillaume Bourin, a good brother who is doing some great work in France.