DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-18-17)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-18-17)

Check out this testimony by Saro Davidian, a frequent attendee of the G3 Conference as he tells of how the conference has been a blessing to he and his family.  Saro is not a pastor—and the G3 is a Christian conference for the local church and church leaders.

Organization That Murders 200,000 People Of Color Each Year Takes Stand Against Racism — The Bee is a satire site, but this is not fake news.  Consider this truth.

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “How to Evangelize Religious People” — Some of the most difficult people to evangelize are religious people.  This is a helpful resource.

Book Review: Conversion & Discipleship: You Can’t Have One Without the Other, by Bill Hull — Too often we segment discipleship away from evangelism, missions, and conversion.  This is a good reminder.

Faithful Theological Education — “Theological education abounds in America in a wide variety of churches, institutes, colleges, universities, and seminaries. The interesting question before us is: what makes for faithful theological education?”

$5 Friday: Christ, Providence, & Suffering — As always, it’s Friday and that means Ligonier has some really good books and resources for only $5.

Today, More than Ever, Read Beyond the Headlines — In a day where click bait abounds, this is an important reminder by Tim Challies.

Your Marriage Is Not a Mistake — “Marriage is ultimately God’s doing. None of us has the right to separate what he has brought together.”

Fellow College Students, Please Join a Local Church — God’s plan is the local church and the sooner we see this we will be able to live a fulfilled Christian life.

G3 Conference — Some audio ads were uploaded to a new Sound Cloud for the G3 that will be played on some podcasts.  You might hear them somewhere soon, or you can just drop in and listen at the new Sound Cloud page.


DBG Spotlight (8-16-17)

DBG Spotlight (8-16-17)

In an optional session at the Ligonier conference a few years ago, Steven Lawson gave an overview of his book on William Tyndale.  You will hear a good overview of why Tyndale is so vitally important to us in church history.

It Wasn’t That Long Ago — In a pastoral manner, Kevin DeYoung talks about the recent events in Charlottesville.

How to Stay Christian in College — Some good words for college students to consider.

Are Christians Intolerant Haters? Lessons from the Church of the Second Century — Michael Kruger writes, ” In other words, can we learn anything from the Christians of the second century that may help us in our current cultural moment?  Absolutely.  Here are a few lessons to consider…”

Ask Me Anything (Leaving your Church, Catholicism, Ungodly Husband, etc) — Some good questions and answers over at Tim’s blog.

Erroll Hulse (1931–2017)—The End Of An Era — Conrad Mbewe remembers Erroll Hulse.

Seminaries across the country are shutting down — “Ian Lovett at The Wall Street Journal tells the story of what is happening to theological education in the mainlines. The schools are going the way of the dodo.”

Letter from Berlin: The Lessons of History and the Heresy of Racial Superiority — Some helpful words from Albert Mohler.

The “Elvis” Phenomenon — R.C. Sproul looks at the explosive success of Elvis on this day—the 40th anniversary of his death.


DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-11-17)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-11-17)

Pastor Mike Reid from Iowa has attended the G3 Conference every year from the beginning. They organize a group from their church to attend each January.  They’ve brought anywhere from 11-22 people each year and Pastor Mike explains how the G3 Conference has been used in the life of their church and talks about why it’s a conference for the whole church—not just pastors.  You can hear his testimony in this short video below.

4 Painful Lies Stay-at-Home Moms Tell Themselves — A good article worth reading, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom who is struggling with your identity.  I really appreciate this sentence in the article, “The stay-at-home mom life doesn’t define me any more than my professional life defined me—Christ’s death on the cross does.”

$5 Friday: Faith, Grace, and the Gospel — Grab some good books for only $5 on Friday.

Is God’s Grace Really Free, or Does It Cost Me Everything? — “We by nature don’t delight in God but in his gifts. New cars, our job, even our phones all compete for our supreme joy unless God transforms our hearts.”

Man Escapes High-Pressure Altar Call Through Ventilation Duct — Another good article from the Bee!

Do You Love the Biblical Jesus? — Many people love a Jesus of their own imagination.  R.C. Sproul asks about the biblical Jesus.

“Definite Atonement” Rather Than “Limited Atonement” — Dr. Roger Nicole explains why he doesn’t like the title “limited atonement” as a representation of Jesus’ death for the elect.

Why We’re Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of the Reformation — I endorsed this book by Nate Pickowicz, and I heavily encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself.  

Quote of the Week:

“A proud faith is as much a contradiction as a humble devil.” —Stephen Charnock

I.D.E. Thomas, A Puritan Golden Treasury, (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 2000), 223.

DBG Spotlight (8-9-17)

DBG Spotlight (8-9-17)

A good conversation between Chris Larson and the teaching fellows of Ligonier Ministries on the goal of the Reformation and more.

The Mark of the Most Successful Worship Leaders — Tim Challies writes, “A worship leader serves his congregation best when he chooses songs they can sing and sing well. He is highly attuned to their ability. He prioritizes the singability of songs over their newness or oldness or author or theological density. He gauges his success not by his own worship, but by theirs. When he steps back and hears his church singing—really singing—, his joy is complete.”

Do You Care About the Widows? — “Do you think you’re religious, but you don’t care about the widows? Your religion is an exercise in futility, because James says pure and undefiled religion is the care of widows and of orphans in times of trouble.”

Why Joni Eareckson Tada Wants a Glorified Body — Some good things to consider here regarding life and eternity.

Brothers, We Are Not Amateurs — Jason Allen writes, “Ministers will be judged for their faithfulness, not their academic accomplishments, but it is impossible to be faithful without being rightly equipped. Brother, you are not to be an amateur minister.”

I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones — Kevin DeYoung may have just hit a nerve within evangelicalism, but don’t miss his point.

Can I Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ If I Was Saved at Six? — John Piper points to the amazing value of God’s grace.

DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-4-17)

DBG Weekend Spotlight (8-4-17)

At some point, do yourself a favor and watch or listen to this entire sermon by Voddie Baucham on the importance and necessity of the local church.

Church Libraries: Bookstore Friend or Foe? — this is a good way to create a culture of reading in your church.

A classical alternative to the SAT & ACT — A good alternative to the traditional SAT and ACT testing.

Philippians 1:6: God Finishes What He Begins — Another helpful Look at the Book video by John Piper.

Rosaria Butterfield weighs-in on 4 stages of evangelical affirmation of gay marriage — It would be wise to bear Rosaria Butterfield’s point on this ever growing and changing cultural issue.

6 life-changing sermons — Jesse Johnson points to six sermons that have helped impact and shape him as a Christian.

Steve Camp on the Janet Mefferd Show: Review and Refutation — James White responds and reviews his critics in the wake of recent criticism about his dialogue with a group of Muslims back in early 2017.

$5 Books and Reaources — As always – it’s Friday and Ligonier is offering great book deals.


DBG Spotlight (8-2-17)

DBG Spotlight (8-2-17)

If you’re looking for some good reasons for attending the G3—check out this short video.

Calvin: Ministers Ought Not to Steal — An interesting article that quotes Calvin as he applies the Eighth commandment to ministers of the gospel.

You Have Two Enemies in Bible Reading — John Piper explains, “Our two enemies in Bible reading — Satan and sin — cannot be overcome without God’s help at every moment.”

9 Things You Should Know About the History of the Homeschooling Movement — After a strange article appeared in the New York Times — this follow-up is necessary.

Why I’m Not Allowing Laptops in My Seminary Class — Some helpful words from kevin DeYoung.

Bible Texts Prosperity Preachers Wish Did Not Exist — Conrad Mbewe hits the nail on the head.