Tornado Damage – Macon County Tennessee Please Pray!

Today I spent the day delivering water, food, and other items to the tornado victims in Macon County Tennessee. The pictures below reveal the severe damage to homes and churches that were destroyed. As I surveyed the damage and delivered supplies, the only words I could think of that describe the amount of damage was to compare it to a war zone. It is mass destruction. Many of the houses look as if they had bombs inside that exploded.Please pray for these people![kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]dsc00108.JPGA woman died in her home above as she sought shelter from the storm.dsc00103.JPGAbove is what is left of a Baptist church building. They heaped everything up and started burning the remains today.dsc00105.JPGThe piano above is one of the only things salvaged from the church building. The entire church building and everything inside is gone.dsc00125.JPGAs you can see above, this family is now homeless! We were able to provide them with water and clothes.dsc00106.JPGYou can see our van loaded down with water. This was one stop we made at a Baptist church that was destroyed. I spoke with the pastor, he was preparing to preach the funeral of one of his church members who died in the storm.dsc00129.JPGThis home was completely leveled as the storm raged down the Akersville Road area.dsc00127.JPG————————————————————–Dear Heavenly Father,As these people seek to rebuild their homes and rebuild their church buildings, I pray that you will strengthen their faith in this process. For those in Macon County Tennessee and other areas affected by the severe tornados in recent days who are not Christians, may you reveal the frailty of life through these events and demonstrate their need for salvation. As people ask you why these things occurred, may you reveal to their hearts that they are living in a fallen world that is cursed by sin. With this knowledge, may you turn them to you by the faithful preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ – all for your glory.Oh God, please send faithful Christians to provide more food, clothes, and supplies to these people in need, but also, please send people to share the gospel with people in order for them to be saved.For your glory!AMENRev. Josh Buice