Albert Mohler: Final Two Weeks

For those who have listened to the Albert Mohler Program that has been a live radio program over the past several years, you will be interested to know that yesterday he announced that this is the beginning of the end for his show.  While he will be unable to continue his live radio program, he is planning to announce a new opportunity for he and his listening audience to continue in intelligent biblical conversation.  Click here and scroll to the end of the program to hear his announcement. For archives of previous programs – click here.

GCR Report

According to the GCR report:  "There are almost 7 billion human inhabitants of planet Earth. At the most generous estimate, somewhere around 1 billion are believing Christians. That means that over 6 billion people are lost, without Christ, and thus without hope. Of these 6 billion, over 3.5 billion have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over 6,000 people groups are without any Christian witness. There is no way that Southern Baptists can make real progress toward reaching these unreached people groups unless we experience a genuine Great Commission Resurgence. We must see a tidal wave of evangelistic and missionary passion, or the numbers of unreached people groups will only grow, and lostness will spread."