Logos 6

Logos 6

I love books.  I enjoy the texture of the pages and the smell of the pages.  I enjoy reading and holding in my hand a good book.  I like to sit in my study surrounded by books and research a passage in preparation to preach.  However, in my attempt to grow my library and resources in our present digital age, a few years ago I decided to make a leap into the digital world to expand my tools and resources.  Before I took that important leap, I researched and used different tools to determine what “pool” I would jump into.  After using several other digital tools, I decided that Logos Bible Software worked best for my reading and research needs.  I would like to take you on a tour of how I presently use Logos Bible Software and why I think that Logos 6 is a major home run for home Bible study and ministry research needs.

Cloud Based Software

One thing I really enjoy about using my Logos 6 software is that it’s a cloud based operation that allows me to be more efficient.  Often I will be reading in a particular commentary on my Logos iPad app, and when I highlight a statement by the author, when I arrive back in my office the highlight is already there and it allows me to find it easily and use it in my sermon preparation.  The same thing is true for bookmarks and notes which appear in the resource when I open it on my desktop.  This saves a great deal of time, especially when I’m using multiple resources for one sermon.

Visual Tools and Resources

Logos 6 has really increased productivity possibilities through the use of visual resources.  The library of visual resources has been dramatically increased by professional artistic rendering of historic places, biblical scenes, and historic biblical structures (such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle).  When simply reading or researching, these tools are great to give you a better glimpse into the landscape of the biblical text.  How many times have you heard someone say that their visit to Jerusalem helped them “see” what is going on in the biblical text in a more insightful way?  In a similar manner, this is what the visual tools of Logos 6 attempts to provide for you and the people who experience it as you teach or preach the Bible.


For example, I will be preaching Mark 1:9-11 this Sunday.  As I study, if I see something I want to bring to the attention of the church, I can highlight it on my iPad.  When I arrive at the office, I can pull up the resource and quickly find the highlighted quote.  I can right click with my mouse and an options window appears where I can quickly select “visual copy” and immediately the quote is embedded on a professional visual aid that can be easily saved and imported into a PowerPoint file for the presentation.


Customized Layout

I really like the flexibility of Logos 6 and how it allows me to arrange my resources in the best method for my research needs.  I setup my desktop to allow me to maximize screen capability when preparing a sermon.  I start with Logos 6 on the right and my Word document on the left.  This allows me the option to read, research, and study with my resources while never losing sight of my manuscript on the left side of the screen.  I constantly know where I am in my research.  An example of what my screen looks like can be seen below.


This optional arrangement allows me to highlight, copy, and paste all while never losing sight of my Word document or Logos 6.  The automatically formatted footnotes when pasting text into Word is another plus that Logos has provided in their technology for many years.  In short, this allows me the flexibility and the productivity tools necessary to increase efficiency when writing a sermon manuscript and preparing my other tools such as a PowerPoint file at the end of my manuscript preparation.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Logos 6 to you for your personal Bible study or ministry resource needs.  With flexible payment options and specifically designed library choices, Logos 6 is the Bible study software that will help you reach goals, become productive, and efficiently complete your work.

After using Logos 6 for several weeks now, I am impressed not only with the functionality but the impressive new tools and resources that have been added to my software tools.  The only thing that still remains unclear is how Logos Bible Software would like for you to pronounce it.  Is it “Low-Gos” or “La-Gas”?  I have heard some people use a middle ground option – “Low-Gas” in order to cover both pronunciations.  For now, I will stick with “Low-Gos” when talking about my favorite Bible study software – Logos 6.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Josh Buice