Expository Preaching Seminar: Live Blogging

Today is the beginning of my final D.Min. seminar on expository preaching.  This week will be full of issues surrounding preaching, expository preaching, historical background of preaching, theological issues of preaching, and practical aspects of preaching in our modern world.During the seminar this week, each day live tweets from the seminar will be imported here on the DBG site in a blog post.  A new blog post will show up each day at the beginning of the class discussions and will continue to be live until the end of class.  Therefore, each time a new tweet is added – it will show up on the post date and time stamped in order for you to see the sequence.During the week, we will be hearing from Dr. Robert Vogel who is the Carl E. Bates Professor of Christian Preaching (2003); Associate Vice President for Institutional Assessment.  On Thursday, Dr. Hershael York who serves as Victor and Louise Lester Professor of Christian Preaching (1997); Associate Dean, Ministry and Proclamation.If you are interested in the subject of preaching – especially expository preaching – this live blog / tweet week on the DBG site will be extremely beneficial and informational for you.Engaging in the ConversationDuring the week, discussion will take place on the specific issues at hand.  By responding to the tweets which will be issued from my Twitter account – you will be able to involve yourself in the conversations that take place in the classroom.  If you would like me to ask a question to the professor or clarify a point, you can simply post a response asking the question and I will do my best to get the answer for you.Schedule for the Seminar Week: DownloadLive blogging / tweeting will begin today at 2:45pm – EST

The 200th Commencement of Southern Seminary

Today (December 7th 2007) I will have the privilege of graduating with the 200th class of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (unless some mysterious library fine is discovered). I recall my arrival to Louisville with my wife four years ago. During these four years of academic training, God has taught us many things about the Christian life, faith, the gospel ministry, and about parenting. Although these four years have been packed with milestones and memories, below are key reasons why I am proud to graduate from this wonderful school – the flagship Seminary of The Southern Baptist Convention.The HistoryBorn in 1859, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was born as the mother Seminary of the SBC. With a rich history involving James P. Boyce, John Broadus, and A.T. Robertson – Southern has been committed to faithful training of God’s men and women who have been set apart for Christian service. After years of solid growth, the Seminary slowly became liberal in theological teachings. It was after the conservative resurgence of the SBC that things changed at Southern. Today, the school has returned to what it was intended to become – a hot bed for preachers and missionaries who are committed to teaching and preaching sound doctrine around the world.The PresidentAlbert Mohler has undeniably led The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to accomplish many great things over the years. Since his first day as President, he has endured many critics, skeptics, and even a few conspiracy theories along the way. Through it all, Dr. Mohler has also become known as a nationally recognized theologian and cultural commentator. His dedication to the true Gospel of Christ and to the foundational principles of our Seminary (the Abstract of Principles and The Baptist Faith & Message) have been the boundaries by which he has led the great mother Seminary and through which he has hired faculty members. Nobody can deny the great things that are happening at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I am thankful that God allowed me to study under Dr. Mohler during these four years.The FacultyAlthough in the 1980’s it was not an uncommon thing to hear someone praying to “mother god” in the great Alumni Chapel, tomorrow as I walk across the stage in the Alumni Chapel, I will not have that fear. In days past, faculty members once taught at the Seminary who believed in women preachers, post-mortem salvation opportunities, and “homosexual Christianity.” I thank God that the current faculty of this great institution is committed to sound doctrine and the inerrant Word of God. The opportunity I have experienced over the past four years is wonderful and life changing. To God be the glory!The FutureThe future remains bright and the potential great for Southern. Although today is the conclusion of my M.Div. degree, it will not be the end of my education at Southern. Thankfully, I am starting the D.Min. program in Expository Preaching in January. As I consider how much I have grown over the past four years, I look forward to seeing how God will work in my heart many more great things within the next three years of study. May God be pleased to continue a great work of sanctification and formal academic training within my heart for His glory!For His Glory!Rev. Josh Buice