War – A Christian’s Response

On September 11, 2001 the United States of America experienced a catastrophic attack of terrorism that rocked the entire country and changed the landscape of two cities. In response to this attack, our military acted by invading Afghanistan and destroying terror training facilities along with capturing hundreds of terrorists. The President and military leaders issued a stern warning to the entire world concerning the harboring of terrorists and terror facilities. After much warning and patience, the United States of America invaded Iraq in a pre-emptive attack based on information concerning W.M.D. (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and terrorism activity by the leadership of Iraq and the country’s superpower – Saddam Hussein.On September 1st 2005, no W.M.D’s. have been discovered, thousands of Americans have lost their lives, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the war in Iraq. Two weeks ago I received a phone call informing me that Thomas Strickland, a gentleman that graduated high school and attended the same University with me, had been killed in combat in Iraq. Many people today are mourning the death of their family members and friends. On a positive note – the evil dictator named Saddam Hussein has been captured and is going to be brought to justice within a free society. The people of Iraq are no longer under oppression by a murderous dictator, and they can rebuild their own lives and operate in a free society. The entire world including the United States is much safer now that Hussein and his counterparts are being brought to justice.The political battle has been consumed with finger pointing games and much of the previous Presidential Election was based upon the war in Iraq. The liberals claim it is an unjust war that could have been avoided, and others claim it is for the betterment of the world and the people of the United States that we have taken on this monumental task of liberating Iraq and fighting terror.My question for our theological consideration is whether or not the pre-emptive attack on Iraq can be justified biblically? Furthermore, I would like to address the question of war in general, along with the question of whether or not war can be justified biblically? What determines the necessity of war, or can any reason provide adequate justification for killing other human beings? What does God think about the killing of innocent people through war? What does God think about the soldier who takes another human being’s life within the boundaries of “war”?May God teach, sharpen, and humble our hearts through His powerful Word!God Bless,Josh BuiceFor the glory of God and the God of glory!