One of the great expositors of recent church history is Martyn Lloyd-Jones, known as “The Doctor.” In this sermon, he preached on the doctrine of election, and you will find it helpful and powerful. If you are tempted to listen only to a few minutes, listen all the way to the end if time permits.

What Is the Regulative Principle of Worship? – “The Word, then, contains all we need in order to know how to worship; therefore, we reject all human-made laws or elements of worship.”

John MacArthur on the Legacy of Martin Luther – This is how the article begins, “Much of the discussion about Martin Luther these days seems to focus on his flaws rather than his faith, and that’s a pity.”  It’s worth reading and taking to heart.

Get Alone with God – Being alone with God is important—and necessary.

John 6 for Roman Catholics – James White is preparing to debate Trent Horn, a Roman Catholic, as a pre-conference to the G3 Conference next week.  The issues discussed in his coverage of John 6 is key to the upcoming debate.

President Trump, Therapist in Chief? – Carl Trueman never sugar coats his speech.  Here is one good example worthy of your time.

The Exponential Growth of Classical Christian Education – You may find this interesting and helpful, especially if you’re involved in a classical Christian education model.

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