Have you ever asked yourself how you should live as a Christian in this present evil world?  Dr. Derek Thomas has an excellent sermon from Romans 12:1-2 on that very subject that I would like to commend to you.

Visual Theology: Seeing and Understanding the Truth About God (Coming Soon!) – Tim Challies has a great resource coming soon.  This book will connect theology with visual aids in a concise and helpful manner.  You need to take a look at it and pre-order.

Free Training Session in Pro-Life Apologetics – Justin Taylor has posted some good information regarding Scott Klusendorf—founder and president of Life Training Institute.  You can view a free 4-part training session.

Was the Divinity of Jesus a Late Invention of the Council of Nicea? Probing Into What the Earliest Christians Really Believed – Michael Kruger writes, “As we shall see, Paul didn’t simply believe Jesus was God in some marginal, semi-divine sort of way. Rather he viewed him as the one God of Israel, the pre-existent creator of the universe.”

2017 G3 Conference – Next year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and the 2017 G3 will be focused on that theme.  You can register until Friday for the early rate of $99.  For a list of speakers and to reserve your seat, visit the G3 Conference website.


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