Can we know for sure that we are saved? From one of our live Ask Ligonier events, Sinclair Ferguson looks at the doctrine of assurance and what it means to be born again.

The Joy of Overlooking an Offense — This is a helpful read and worthy of consideration.

Catching Up on Events Since Travels to Scotland and Israel: Russell Moore, Brandi Miller, and Andy Stanley — James White addresses some important items, including the recent statements by Russell Moore about the signers of The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel.

Why is pastoral ministry such a risky pursuit? — If you’re a church member, consider these statistics and pray for your pastors.

Are you becoming more or less of an encourager? “It is imperative that we adopt this mindset and that, even as times get more and more hostile towards true believers, we learn to grow in our encouragement for the sake of our own good and the good of others.”

The State of Theology: The Questions that Matter Most — This study by Ligonier is well done, but unfortunately, the answers to the questions do not point to a healthy trend among those who claim to be evangelical.

The Statement on SJ&G Explained: Article 8, The Church — My latest article in the explanatory series published over at Reformation 21.

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