Several years ago, Kirk Cameron interviewed John MacArthur. You will want to watch this interview and listen closely to how Dr. MacArthur answered the questions about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment – Gregg Allison, a professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a new book out on the theology of the Roman Catholic Church.  You will want to add this one to your library.

Calvinism Is Not New to Baptists: Grace Unleashed in the American Colonies – Some say that Calvinism is a temporary fad in Baptist circles.  Thomas Kidd has written an article that does a good job of tracing Calvinism back through history.

14 Reasons to Memorize an Entire Book of the Bible – Andy Naselli has outlined some compelling reasons to commit entire books of the Bible to memory.

Expository Apologetics – Voddie Baucham has a new book that will be helpful to you.  “Aimed at preparing you to clearly and confidently defend your faith, Expository Apologetics sets forth an approach to apologetics that is rooted in Scripture and eminently accessible.”