A couple of years ago, John Piper, Doug Wilson, and Tim Chester sat down for a discussion regarding the knowledge of God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.  You will find their conversation invigorating and profitable.

1611 KJV Bible Discovered in Wales – “The first edition King James Bible from 1611 had been stored away at St Giles Parish Church for centuries. But after being rediscovered by Rev Dr Jason Bray, it was sent to National Library of Wales which confirmed it is an authentic copy.”

Southern Seminary’s Doctoral Program Ranked in Top 5 – If you’re considering doctoral studies, you need to take a serious look at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Look at the Book – 1 Peter 1:13-16 – John Piper does an excellent job of walking through this passage.  You should consider using this resource (Look at the Book) in your own Bible study.

Reformed Expository Commentaries 50% Discount – If you are looking to pick up some good resources, you don’t want to miss this sale.  All Reformed Expository Commentaries are currently 50% off at cvbbs.com.

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