This week, a new video was released by the G3 Conference where Paul Washer is encouraging pastors to be faithful in their calling to lead and care for the church.

Pastoral Malpractice – Eric Davis addresses a common, yet serious practice among many pastors.

7 Easy Ways To Share The Gospel With Your Friends – If you know the Babylon Bee, you know that what’s funny in satire is also true to a certain degree.  This evangelistic strategy will make you think.

The Lord’s Prayer, New from Albert Mohler – In this series, The Lord’s Prayer, Dr. Albert Mohler shows that the pattern of prayer Jesus provides is few in words, yet massive in meaning.

Oregon official who targeted Christian bakers loses election – “The Oregon labor commissioner who went after bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein for their refusal to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple lost his race for Oregon secretary of state to a Republican last week.”

Grace to You is a Supplement, Not a Substitute – A good and healthy reminder.

18 Prayers to Pray for Unbelievers – A good article that provides helpful advice on how to approach the throne of God on behalf of unbelievers.


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