In the 2015 G3 Conference, Paul Washer preached from Ezekiel on the subject – The Impossible-Possible Task of the Great Commission.  The full video of the sermon is provided below for your spiritual edification.  

9 Things You Should Know About the Islamic State – Joe Carter provides nine truths that everyone should be familiar with about the Islamic State and what we call – Jihadism.

John Piper: 20 Principles for How Christians Should Relate to Muslims (And Those of Other Religions) – Justin Taylor provides a list taken from a paper written by John Piper containing ways to relate to people who have a different worldview.  The purpose is for Christians to live in a population of people who are vastly different while giving testimony to the supremacy of Christ.

What Cannot Remain – Douglas Wilson writes, “The thing that struck me was that Judas was right in the middle of this mix. Judas was casting out devils — the one who would be possessed by the Devil himself. Judas was a healer. He was a preacher.”

The Preacher and his Technology – David Murray explores the blessings and curses regarding technology for the minister of the gospel.

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