Just a few days ago, Matt Robinson of Media Gratiae sat down for a conversation with John Snyder and Paul Washer.  Take time to watch and listen to these men talk about the the doctrine of God, the doctrine of the church, and more.

Three Adoptions That Changed My Life – Melissa Kruger writes, “Three adoptions, spread over thousands of miles and each almost thirty years apart. Each of these adoptions has changed my life.”

Kickstarter’s Million-Dollar Bible Is Finally Finished – “Making a better Bible is harder than it sounds—even if you’re given more than a million dollars to do it.”

Yes, let’s remember who’s watching this conversation – Denny Burk explains that Jen Hatmaker’s departure from the Christian faith is reinforced by her response to a firestorm of criticism.

6 Marks of a Faithful Ministry – This is a good article by Tim Challies worthy of your time and consideration.

Marks of a Healthy Church: A Live Interview with Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman on Wednesday at 3:30pm ET – You will want to take time for this interview today.

Be a Man and Preach! – H.B. Charles Jr. recounts a conversation he had with his father.

Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth – Rosaria Butterfield responds to Jen Hatmaker with words of biblically saturated wisdom.

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