On October 1, 2015, Media Gratiae transitioned into an independent multimedia ministry directed by Matthew Robinson.  View their website to see their work and two specific projects – Behold Your God and Logic on Fire.  Below you can see the trailer for Logic on Fire.

The Briefing (11-20-15) – Jewish prayer at shared holy site sparks controversy, exposing significance of theology.  This and more on today’s The Briefing.

The New Calvinism Considered: A Personal and Pastoral Assessment – Recently I had the privilege to spend some time with Jeremy Walker in London.  I’d like to commend his book to you.  Although written back in 2013, it’s right on the mark regarding the movement that we know as New Calvinism.

The Bodleian Library – This historic library in Oxford, England was the first library and remains the most famous and perhaps the most useful library in Oxford.  The library takes its name from Sir Thomas Bodley who refurbished Duke Humfrey’s library and set it on a course for greatness.  Due to limited space on new volumes, it has a storage facility 30 miles away from the Oxford campus where 8.4 million volumes are stored on 153 miles of shelving units.  You might recognize this historic library from the Harry Potter films.

Ligonier $5 Friday – Providence, salvation, apologetics, the Holy Spirit, regeneration, baptism, and more. Ends 11:59pm ET.

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