One of the best questions and answers sessions that I’ve watched from the archives of Ligonier Ministries, and one that displays the classic personality of R.C. Sproul who is passionate for truth.

All That Is In God — A book that you will likely not read, but you probably should.

On His Birthday, 3 Things I’ve Learned from C. S. Lewis — Lessons from Lewis on his birthday.

TULIP and The Doctrines of Grace — An explanation of TULIP by Steven Lawson without spelling it properly.

When Your Church Dissapoints — Sometimes people in your church and perhaps even leaders in your church can disappoint you.  What is the proper response?

Is Your Marriage Lying to the World? — Many people haven’t stopped to consider the connection between the gospel and marriage.

Something profound in our generation — “A nice church filled with nice people doing nice things will make no impact in the intensity of our times.”

More Ways to Make Logos Bible Software Work for You — More tips from Logos Bible Software.