It’s officially the Christmas season of 2017 as the calendar flipped over to December 1st.  Enjoy this great song from the ministry of Sovereign Grace Music.

Remarkable Bible Memorization — “It is within a man’s private life, in the refuge of recreation, in those “unseen hours,” where his character is most laid bare.”

5 Reasons We Switched from Small Groups to Sunday School — “This fall we did something that will seem crazy to many. We moved from a small group model to a Sunday school model (under a different name).”

When Community Isn’t Gospel Community — “When believers discuss biblical community, we talk about it in different ways: doing life together, life on life, “one another”ing each other. While this sounds good in principle, we often get it wrong in practice. Here are 3 ways we can easily get it wrong and what to do about it.”

Leaders in the Church — “In the immediate post-Pentecost fledgling church, there appears to have been very little structure, just a community overseen by Apostles and committed to four distinctive features: Apostolic teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and “the prayers” (Acts 2:42).”

How To Use Accountability Software Right – Three-Minute Thursdays #5 — Three minutes of your day that will be well spent.

$5 Friday: Faith, Prayer, & Reformation — Some good resources for only $5.

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Greatest Child Ever Born” — “In his sermon “The Greatest Child Ever Born,” John MacArthur draws our attention back where it belongs during this frequently overwrought season. Extolling the uniqueness of Christ in His incarnation, John looks at the detailed description the angel Gabriel delivered to Mary regarding the character and nature of the Child she would bear (Luke 1:26-35).”

G3 Conference:  In January, we will host our 6th annual G3 Conference on the theme of discipleship.  In the meantime, download the G3 app from your app store for FREE and keep up with the news, events, and enjoy all of the archives from the history of the G3.