In the 2015 G3 Conference, Tim Challies preached from Psalm 19 on “The Two Books.”  I found his sermon to be profitable, and I encourage you to take time to listen (or view) the full sermon.

The Chief End of Preaching – Steven Lawson writes, “No man’s preaching can rise any higher than his view of God.”  This is an excerpt from his book titled, The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Why Are Jesus’ Genealogies in Matthew and Luke Different? – This is helpful for those who try to make sense of the differing genealogical lines.

VidAngel Shut Down – The fight continues for VidAngel as they seek to provide an alternative to filter out offensive material from movies.  For now, they’ve been ordered to shut down.

Is It Sinful to Be Pregnant Before Marriage? – John Piper answers a question that we should all consider—especially at Christmas.

Free Ebook: ‘Experiencing the Trinity’ by Joe Thorn – A good book worth far more than free.

Hotels without Gideon Bibles – “46% of American hotel rooms include religious material.  Ten years ago, nearly three-quarters did.”

Christmas Carols and the Gospel – Nathan Busenitz writes, “The carols that we sing each year do such a magnificent job of underscoring who Jesus is and why He came. It makes me sad, really, when I hear secular musicians singing Christmas carols; the irony strikes me about how these musicians, who make no claim to believe in Jesus, sing these beautiful songs about His birth. Yet, the reality is that they have no idea what they are singing about.”

Top Ten Books of 2016 – Kevin DeYoung provides a list of his top 10 books and what led him to choose the specific books.

3 Financial Tips for Pastors – A good list worth considering if you serve in pastoral ministry.

Churches in Northern Pakistan: The Crucial Need for Conversion – “Before churches in northern Pakistan can thrive, they must have a clear understanding of conversion.

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