In the 2015 G3 Conference, H.B. Charles Jr. preached from 2 Timothy 4 on the subject of the preacher’s calling to preach the Word. You will be encouraged and strengthened by this sermon. If you’re interested in attending the 2016 G3 Conference, you should register now while seats remain.

Feed My Sheep – Join pastors in the Atlanta area for a one day conference designed to teach truth, leadership, and provide fellowship.  Tom Schreiner, Shane Koehler, and Aaron Menikoff will be speaking in the 2016 conference held at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  The dates and registration information can be found on their website.

What Is Church Attendance Like During Christmastime? New Data From LifeWay Research – You may be surprised by the new research data.  “Among those who don’t attend church at Christmastime, a majority (57 percent) say they would likely attend if someone they knew invited them.”

“The View” On “Being Good” vs. The Gospel – From this conversation that took place on “The View” – Trevin Wax points out “how people view the role and place of religion in society, as well as the counter-intuitive nature of the gospel of God’s grace.”

1563 First Edition Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – If you’re interested in a first edition from 1563, you can purchase it for $120,000.  However, they have other later editions that you can grab for $18,000 if interested.

Doctor of Ministry and the Local Church – Dr. Michael Wilder – This hangout was focused on the D.Min. at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  You may find this information profitable if you’re considering doctoral work in the future.

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