Is it possible to fall away from grace?  What does the Bible teach about eternal security?  John Piper does a good job of explaining Five Truths About Eternal Security in his most recent lab in the Look at the Book series.  He summarizes this important doctrine with five critical truths.

Book Review: Talking to Catholics about the Gospel, by Chris Castaldo – Pastor Leonardo De Chirico provides a review of Chris Castaldo’s book saying, “Talking to Catholics about the Gospel well manages to strike the balance between biblical clarity and Christian love. My hope is that it will set the tone for present and future engagements by evangelicals to their Catholic friends.”

Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity – Tim Challies’ new book is available as of yesterday.  You can read more about it and find links to purchase it by reading Tim’s blog post from yesterday.

Hymns of Grace – A great collection of hymns that you will be interested in checking out.  This project was produced by The Master’s Seminary and Grace Community Church.

John Piper and Advent – As you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this season, consider reading the daily devotionals by John Piper posted at Solid Joys.

Christmas Sale – Banner of Truth – If you think you missed the good deals on books, think again.  Banner of Truth has some really good stuff still available and their gift sets would be a great option for a Christmas gift for anyone – especially a pastor.

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