Several years ago, Conrad Mbewe preached in the Strange Fire conference.  His topic was, “Are We Preachers or Witch Doctors?”  You can view the full sermon below and consider the problems facing Conrad Mbewe and his church in Zambia, and how such problems are prevalent in the United States as well.  What does the Bible say?

Bible Reading Plans for 2017 – Some good reading plans for you to consider.  I’ve written about this yesterday, and if you check out the ESV reading plans, they help keep you organized in the app on your phone or on the desktop.

Do You Make Life Decisions with Your Church in Mind? – I appreciated this article since many people rush into big decisions without considering how it will impact their church.

John Owen on Genuine Faith – “First, in the book Owen highlighted the difference between gospel, or evangelical, Christianity and all other systems of religion.”

10 Principles You Need to Know about Trinitarian Dogmatics – This will be a book worth reading in 2017.

Why Are Women More Eager Missionaries? – John Piper asks, “Where are the men?” He writes, “More single women serve in missions than single men, but God is able to give grace for every circumstance.”

Amazon Made Its First Drone Delivery – 2016 was a big deal for drone advancements.  The first delivery was made in England, and Amazon hopes that in the upcoming days drones will be as numerous as mail trucks.


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