In just a few weeks we will gather for the 2016 G3 Conference.  The theme for the 2016 G3 is centered upon the Trinity.  Why is the Trinity an essential doctrine?  Can a person be a Christian without embracing the Trinity?  You should consider joining us.  For more information, visit  Below, you will see a sermon preached by Dr. Steven Lawson in the 2014 G3.  His sermon is titled, “The Church’s Call to Biblical Preaching” – 2 Timothy 4.

Truth Remains – If you don’t know about this great ministry – you need to.  You may want to consider purchasing their DVD of the history of the English Bible as a gift for someone in your life, or perhaps for the church’s library.  Buy DVD on Amazon.

John Knox – Steven Lawson has written a two-part series on John Knox worth your time.  Learn about how John Knox impacted Scotland and beyond by returning the pulpit back to biblical preaching.  Part 1 – and Part 2.

Romans – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones – You can grab the entire 14-volume set on Romans by MLJ for $199.

For God’s Little People – John Piper continues his advent series by pointing out that God is big, but in His sovereignty, He cares about us (little people).

The Briefing (12-4-15) – Albert Mohler talks about the motive of the massacre in San Bernardino, CA and the prayer shaming that has taken place in the aftermath.

Is your church racist?  – Ray Ortlund asks a simple question, but don’t answer too quickly.  He provides some helpful things to consider as you think through the answer.

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