Are you planning to attend the 2017 G3 Conference in Atlanta this January? Either way, you will appreciate this short video released on Monday. If you’re planning to attend and you haven’t reserved your seat, you will want to register before midnight tonight as registration rates will be raised to the “late registration” level.

The Origin and Authority of the New Testament Canon – Michael Kruger’s skill in teaching on the authority and reliability of the NT canon is without question.  You will find these lessons / courses extremely helpful.

An Invitation to Southern Baptist Calvinists: An Initial Response to Patrick and Patterson – A response to the controversial words recently in chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary [see the background of the story here].

Dad, Why Must I Obey? – A good article for parents to read and consider.

10 Apps You Should Try to Boost Your Productivity in 2017 – Some good options worth trying out as the new year approaches.

iPhone 8 Rumors Already? – Apparently rumors have surfaced that point out massive design upgrades and changes for the iPhone 8.  Set your calendars…it’s only 10 months away!

Remembering December 7th, 1941 – After being bombed by Japan in Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt stood to give a speech where he described the horrible day as a “date which will live in infamy.”  He spoke for just over seven minutes and declared war that would result in WWII.  Today, we remember that infamous date.


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