Recently, R. C. Sproul addressed the 2017 G3 Conference as we gathered for the annual conference in Atlanta. What he communicates in these few minutes should be taken to heart as we look forward, not just backward, in our current day of gospel work and contemporary Reformation.

Gospel Worship: Paul’s Holy Ambition for All the Peoples to Praise Christ – “God has a place for every single one of us in missions. Some of us send, some of us go, but we must all have a gospel ambition.”

Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court – This is an important step forward, and one that the Christian community should pay close attention to in the days to come.

Preaching as a Means of Survival – This is a very needful and helpful word from Dr. Albert Mohler.  He writes, “We need to recognize that the age of cultural Christianity is disappearing right before us. The kind of preaching that made for “successful” churches is also disappearing because the people who came for that kind of preaching no longer feel bound to come.  We must now recognize that preaching is not just an activity the church engages in on Sunday mornings. Preaching is not a trivial activity. Preaching is a matter of life and death—preaching in the secular city is a matter of survival.”

Seven Metaphors for God’s Word – What phrases or words are used to describe the Word of God in Scripture?  Rather than considering the metaphors, take time to consider the theology that drives the language.

Boy Scouts: When Something Sacred is Lost – On Monday, the Boy Scouts of America announced they would now receive transgender boys into the organization.  “Sometimes you leave an organization. And sometimes it leaves you.  In this case I turned around and the organization that I had loved as a boy was no longer there. It has simply died—dying the death of a thousand political qualifications. And that saddens me greatly, because something sacred has been lost for the next generation of young, American men.”

7 False Teachers in the Church Today – Tim Challies points to 7 deadly false teachers in the church today, and we should all take notice.

Facing Troubles, Finding Peace – We have a dual promise from the Lord that we must cling to in this life.  This was a helpful reminder.

Debate: Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? – At the recent 2017 G3 Conference, James White engaged in a formal debate with Trent Horn of Catholic Answers, on an important subject that’s not only at the core of the gospel, but directly linked to the deity of Christ.  You an view part 1 of the debate that’s now published.



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