One of the best parts of a conference is the questions and answers session.  I always enjoy watching the Q&A sessions, but rarely do I enjoy participating in them – especially when Todd Friel is the moderator.  The 2016 G3 Conference Q&A session is now posted on the archives page.  Enjoy.

The Bible Project – If you don’t know about this video project, you should visit their website.  Take time to view their latest book video – Deuteronomy.

How to Read a Book a Week – Peter Bregman provides helpful advice on how to read more and how to read more efficiently.

Why the Founding Fathers Spoke the King James Bible – Thomas Kidd explains the connection between the Founding Fathers and the KJV.

Voddie Baucham – Keep up to speed with what’s going on in the life and ministry of Voddie Baucham.  You can join them in prayer and support.

Election 2016 – View the up-to-date results from the latest New Hampshire primary.


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