In the 2016 G3 Conference, Anthony Mathenia spoke on the subject – “The Trinity and Synergistic Sanctification.”  You can view the full sermon below.

The One Gift Every Pastor Must Have – Jason Allen points out that if a preacher is not convinced of the reliability of the Scriptures, he will be disinclined to preach them.

A Giant has Fallen — The Death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the Future of Constitutional Government – Albert Mohler points out the importance of Antonin Scalia’s life, legacy, and death during an election year.

What Tools Do I Need? – What tools are necessary to prepare an expository sermon?  Steven Lawson explains the necessities in his latest Expositor Podcast.

When the Least are Heroes – Barnabas Piper explains why the best stories each year in sports are typically those that are the least expected.

A short remembrance of Dr. Charles Ryrie – A couple of days ago, Charles Ryrie died.  You may have heard his name associated with his popular study Bible.  Denny Burk provides a helpful and brief remembrance of Dr. Ryrie.