In this sermon preached in chapel at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Danny Akin proclaims the great truth of justification by faith alone from Romans 3:21-31.

After Scalia – Emily Belz points out the uncertainty following Scalia’s death.

Mailbag #30 – Jonathan Leeman address several important issues in the latest 9Marks mailbag including:  Non-Members Serving in Church; A Prospective Elder Who Doesn’t Regularly Attend; The Problem with Contemporary Christian Music; How Younger Members Can Serve Older Ones.

Where Are All the Heretical Bishops in the Second Century? – “Once again, despite all the buzz about diversity in early Christianity, we have no reason to doubt that the mainstream church during this time period was still one that could be generally identified as ‘orthodox.'”

Famine in the Land – This book by Steven Lawson is one of those books that every preacher should have in his library and go back to reference often.


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