A couple of days ago, I was invited as a guest on the Only the Truth radio program in downtown Atlanta to discuss the errors of the prosperity theology (Word of Faith).

Overview of Church Membership – Matthew Robinson, an elder of Christ Church in New Albany, MS preached a sermon recently on the importance of church membership covering both rights and responsibilities.

Why the Gettys Are Re-Introducing the ‘Greatest Missions Hymn Ever Written’ – “The amazing story of the song is that 200 missionaries were able to go out to China. The wider story of China is perhaps the most incredible story of Christian growth in history. The church has grown from fewer than 750,000 Christians in the 1930s to more than 80 million today. My wife and I always comment that when we sing the hymn, it clears our minds of things that are, by comparison, irrelevant.”

The Constitution “Divinely Inspired”? Ben Franklin Answers – “It so happens that, in a little-noticed 1788 editorial, Ben Franklin directly denied that the Constitution was ‘divinely inspired.'”

Ligonier National Conference – The Gospel – Tomorrow, the Ligonier conference will kickoff.  According to their website, “Online and phone registration is now closed. Space permitting, individuals may register at the door on Thursday February 25.”

The Personal Piety of Jonathan Edwards, part 1  – Don Whitney has written, “Broadly defined, “piety” refers to the aggregate of a person’s distinctly Christian beliefs and actions. Here Jonathan Edwards’s piety is considered in the more narrow sense of devotional piety, that is, those private practices intended to focus the heart and mind of the individual believer upon God and to develop authentic Christian beliefs, motives, and actions.”

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