Last week, I was interviewed on the Regular Reformed Guys podcast where we discussed the New Calvinism, parachurch ministry, and other issues related to the life of the church.  You can hear the full episode below.

RRG Podcast – Interview 

We don’t need a Republican on the Supreme Court – Denny Burk explains that our need is not based on party lines.  He writes, “Filling a Supreme Court vacancy is not a matter of figuring out what political party a person belongs to. It’s about judicial philosophy.”

Ligonier Conference – Day 1 – Nearly 4,000 people have assembled in Orlando, FL for the Ligonier National Conference focused on The Gospel.  Read the updates from the first day of the conference.

Was Jesus Neither a Democrat Nor a Republican? – Michael Kruger writes, “Well, the political season is upon us again.  And it’s time for all sorts of Christian stock phrases about politics to be used and reused.  One of my favorite is the phrase, “Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican.”  This is one of those phrases that is used so frequently that no one really bothers to ask what it means; nor does anyone bother to ask whether it is really true.”

Mailbag #31: Healthy Membership before Healthy Eldership; Difficult Shepherding Situation; Ordination; Tithing – Some interesting topics are covered in the latest 9Marks Mailbag.

Could a Complementarian / Egalitarian Marriage Work? – John Piper takes on a very important topic worthy of your consideration.

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