All sessions from the 2018 G3 Conference as slowly appearing on the G3 YouTube channel. You can now watch this great conversation between James White and Michael Kruger on the biblical canon.

God’s Love for Pastors — “The more young pastors I speak with, the more I realize that crushing experiences are the norm. It’s constant. ‘Didn’t think it would be like this.'”

God’s Glory, Our Good — “What is in God’s best interests is also in others’ best interests and in my best interests, not necessarily immediately but always in the end. Something that is good will be good for everyone, not good for God and bad for me, or good for me and bad for my neighbor. Each time I obey God, I’m doing what’s ultimately best for all.”

Why Aren’t Men Reading Women Writers? — Tim Challies gives us something to think about.

How Not to Do Theology — “Our theology will determine what happens to us for all eternity, so it is important to engage it rightly. That means knowing how not to do theology as much as knowing how to do it. So, what are some ways that we should not do theology.”

How God Changes Hearts for His Glory — “As Spurgeon saw it, the new birth of a Christian has to be a work of pure divine grace: the sinful human heart is impotent, unwilling, and wholly unworthy.”

New CBS Sitcom ‘Living Biblically’ Brings Faith to Primetime — Expect more people in America to laugh at your faith as entertainment.