Recently, Dr. R.C. Sproul was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame.  During the award ceremony, this is the video they showed.  In this video, you will hear Dr. Sproul say, “If there is one maverick molecule in the universe, one molecule running loose, outside of the scope of God’s sovereign ordination, then ladies and gentlemen there is not the slightest confidence that you can have that any promise that God has ever made about the future will come to pass.”

Jerry Bridges and Gary Smalley: Very Different Personalities Go Home to the Same King – Randy Alcorn writes, “Two brothers, Jerry Bridges and Gary Smalley, went to Jesus last Sunday, March 6. I knew and loved them both. Their personalities were—and I assume still are—radically different. But both loved and served their King, and now do so more than ever.”

TMS Liveblog – The Master’s Seminary is posting live updates during the Shepherds’ Conference.  You may find their posts helpful as you watch and listen – especially if you’re not there in person.

Read Scripture: Judges – The Bible Project has released their latest video – the book of Judges.

Google joins the Open Compute Project – Some interesting developments in the tech world as Google engages in an open compute project.

The good news about there being nothing new under the sun – Aaron Armstrong writes, “The longer I’m a Christian, the older I get, the more books I read, the more I realize just how true this really is. There is nothing new under the sun. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

From the Archives:  Life Lessons from John the Baptist – What can we learn from the life and ministry of John the Baptist?

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