At the recent G3 Conference, Todd Friel talked to Steven Lawson about William Tyndale and John Rogers.

Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well — Kevin DeYoung shares some good wisdom regarding the skill and discipline of writing.

When Should Christians Use Satire? — “While satire, irony, sarcasm, and ridicule all have their place in exposing evil and harm, Christians should patiently seek to win others in love.”

Southern Baptists extend olive branch to Russell Moore — Russell Moore has been on the hot seat in recent days, but it seems that the leaders of the SBC are working to repair the relationships.

1 Peter 5:12: Stand Firm in Grace — Another good Look at the Book by John Piper.

We have lost the sense of God — This is a really good article by Conrad Mbewe about the overwhelming noise that surrounds us in our culture that causes us to lose the sense of God.

2018 G3 Conference — Some big announcements were made this week regarding next year’s conference.  Make your plans to join us.  Registration is now open.

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