In the recent 2016 Ligonier National Conference, a questions and answers session was held with Drs. Ian Hamilton, Stephen Nichols, Michael Reeves, R.C. Sproul and Derek Thomas.

Paul Washer’s Sermon at the 2016 Shepherds’ Conference – You will want to take time to view / listen to this entire sermon.

What is Gospel Eldership and Why Did I Write It? – This book looks like it might be one to add to your library.  I’m planning to read it.

If Donald Trump Was Tweeting During Biblical Times – A funny look at what Donald Trump’s tweets might have looked like during biblical times.

Radio Free Geneva: Showbread’s “Dear John Piper” and Leighton Flowers on 1 John 5:1 – A good edition of RFG that you will want to view / listen to.

We Talked to Jesus in An Inside Voice and He’s Going to be Nice Now – Owen Strachen begins his article by writing, “We think we’ve got Jesus figured out today. We read about him turning tables in the Scriptures. But now he’s nice. Now he’s calm. Now he sits by himself, drinking tea, interrupting his repose to grant us whatever we want. He doesn’t ask us to change, and he doesn’t want us to do any heavy lifting. He makes life easy for us.”

Is Expository Preaching Boring? – Is expository preaching boring?  Tom Patton does an excellent job of addressing this issue.

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