In the 2016 G3 Conference, Anthony Mathenia spoke on the subject of “The Trinity and Synergistic Sanctification.”  You will find this helpful to your soul.

Four Warnings for Your Twenties – Regarding Scripture reading, Marshall Segal writes, “For many, it’s simply harder to wake up for Numbers in March than for Genesis in January. The days can begin to feel like a season in the wilderness.”

5 Questions on Church Incorporation – Alex Duke provides some helpful things to consider – especially for church plants who are needing to go through the process of incorporation.

How do we relate to Superman? – Aaron Armstrong provides some critique of the Batman v. Superman movie and explains how we relate to Superman.

Wednesday @ Westminster: How is the Trinity Vital for Me? – “Sadly, what used to be a hallmark attitude of Protestant liberalism is now a pious platitude of so-called Bible-believing evangelicals that is fit for Hallmark. The classic refutation of this that is so relevant today remains J. Gresham Machen’s, Christianity and Liberalism. To pit doctrine against duty, theology against community, faith against life is unbiblical.”

Why Posture Matters in Worship – Stephen Miller writes, “Certainly there are moments when we should stand still in silence before the Lord—that in itself is a posture of worship. However, if we consistently find ourselves in corporate worship with our arms folded, mouthing the words with a blank, glazed over or bored look on our face, this posture indicates we may not be experiencing an inward heart of adoration, wonder, and awe that is characteristic of true, spiritual worship.”

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