In this sermon, Alistair Begg preaches from Matthew 16 and expounds the statement, “I will build my church.”  You will find this sermon extremely helpful.

5 Quick Productivity Tips for the Busy Mom — Tim Challies knows a little about productivity, and he provides some good advice here.

My Jesus, I Love You; Your Bride I Despise! (Aaron Denlinger) — An ongoing problem within evangelical circles is the idea that it’s possible to love Jesus and despise His church.

Hebrews 12:6–11: Suffering Conforms Us to Christ — John Piper explains how suffering is used to shape us for God’s designed purpose.

A Pro-Life Argument that Needs to Die — Jordan Standridge writes, “What the Bible never implies is that murder becomes more sinful when you kill a smarter person over one that is unlearned. Murdering a good looking person over one that might be considered ugly is not a greater travesty in God’s eyes. And murdering a doctor above a garbage truck driver should not be seen as a greater tragedy. The survival of the fittest is the most selfish and grossest concept that man has ever come up with. And does not belong in our pro-life arguments.”

Hank Hanegraaf and Eastern Orthodoxy, David Allen’s Refutation, and an Insightful FB Conversation — James White discusses the recent “conversion” of Hank Hanegraaf, aka—”The Bible Answer Man,” to Eastern Orthodoxy and more.

The Truth of the Cross — Free eBook — Don’t miss this FREE e-book by R. C. Sproul.

Just Give Me Jesus: A Closer Look at Christians Who Don’t Go to Church — When people try to change Jesus’ design for the church and evade Jesus’ commands, can they really say that they love Him?

Why Airlines Sell More Seats Than They Have (Video) [HT:] – You will find this video helpful after the recent debacle with the airline industry.


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