What is free will?  In this lesson taught by R. C. Sproul, he describes the different views and definitions while upholding the biblical view.

10 Things You Should Know about J. I. Packer – Leland Ryken writes, “When I spent two days with Packer in the Crossway offices in June of 2014, he repeatedly told me that he has never cultivated a following. How, then, did he make it onto Time magazine’s list of 25 most influential evangelicals? His published writings have been the main vehicle for spreading his name and influence.”

Building the Museum of the Bible – “When finished in 2017, the Museum of the Bible will be 430,000 square feet of exhibits dedicated to the Bible. The total cost will exceed $1 billion. The Green family, the same clan that owns the Hobby Lobby retail chain, has put up the seed money behind the project, including about $50 million to purchase the real estate on which the building sits.”

DeYoung, Nichols, and Lohmann on Scriptural Authority 500 Years Ago—and Today – This interview by Ryan Hoselton is worth your time.

Resolving Apparent Contradictions in Scripture – You will appreciate this short excerpt from a sermon preached in the 2010 Ligonier National Conference by Derek Thomas.

The Depressed Homemaker’s Greatest Need – David Murray provides some helpful tips and healthy reminders about encouraging those ladies who make their home their daily job.

Does Jen Hatmaker Argue for LGBT Inclusion? – A successful blogger and author, Jen Hatmaker stepped into controversial waters with her statement on LGBTQ issues back in 2014 titled, Where I Stand.  Two years later, on April 23rd, she took to Facebook where she once again used very controversial language including the phrase, “gay Christian.”  At the time this article was written, she had grossed over 35k likes and more than 7k shares on her April 23rd Facebook post.

Dropbox’s latest idea could change the way you think about cloud storage – For those of you who use Dropbox (and who doesn’t?), this will be a big game changer.

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