In this sermon clip, Sinclair Ferguson discusses the relationship between Satan’s lie in the garden and legalism and antinomianism.

Nine Lessons for Pastors Facing Leadership Conflict — Some good words of advice here.

My Nomination for SBC Pastors’ Conference President — H.B. Charles Jr. explains the recent announcement of his pending nomination for the president of the SBC pastors’ conference.  The SBC will benefit from his leadership in this position.

Fast from Food, Not Facebook — “You do not need to master a theology of fasting before you begin to practice fasting any more than you need to master a theology of worship before you begin to worship. Ultimately, fasting is the school of fasting just as prayer is the school of prayer. Learn to fast by fasting.”

The Best Discoveries Begin as Problems: How to Read Proverbs — John Piper provides some helpful tips on reading Proverbs.

The Briefing 05-16-17 — Albert Mohler says the new Gallup poll reveals Americans hold record liberal views on moral issues.  He also points to the “new monogamy” explaining what the open marriage movement says about our cultural moment.

What Is So Important about the Second Century? A Preview of My New Book — Michael Kruger writes, “While certainly not comparable to the pressures faced by second-century Christians, the modern Church is being seen more and more as a threat to the social stability of modern society – similar to the way the second-century Church was viewed by the Roman elites.”

The B.A.R. Podcast Interview — I was recently contacted by the B.A.R. Podcast about an interview and here is the link to our conversation.  I hope you find it profitable.

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