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Just a Few Hours Left in the Logos 7 Sale — A good sale is going on over at Logos, and you may be interested.

What Is the Name That Is above All Names? — “That title Adonai that refers to God as the sovereign one—that is the title that is revealed that belongs to Christ. Because of His humiliation, because of His perfect obedience in the role of a slave, God moves heaven and earth to exalt His Son, gives Him the name that is above every name, so that when you hear the name of Jesus, your impulse should be to be on your knees and confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

Queer Culture in the PCA? — A controversy has arisen over a conference on homosexuality and specifically the language being used to address the subject. Al Baker, a Presbyterian pastor, has written an article to push back against the language and agenda of the conference.

Western Europe’s Christians Are As Religious As America’s ‘Nones’ — “On several common measures, ‘nones’ in the United States exhibit nearly equal levels of spirituality as self-identifying Christians in Western Europe.”

God Holds Satan on a Leash — “Satan holds no final power over God’s people. Jesus stripped the devil of his last damning weapon: unforgiven sin.”