Recently, John Piper delivers the 2017 Commencement Address to graduates of Boyce College.

5 Sermons on Parenting — Some good resources by Alistair Begg on an important subject.

Why Substitutionary Atonement Is Necessary for Evangelical Faith — Owen Strachan provides some helpful words on why the recent resolution on substitutionary atonement for the messengers of the SBC is really important.

Greg Laurie, Calvary Chapel’s Big Crusader, Joins Southern Baptist Convention — The SBC is a very large and diverse group that just became more diverse.

Have Southern Baptists embraced gender-inclusive Bible translation? Not by a longshot. — Denny Burk responds to Jonathan Merritt on the issue of gender-inclusivity among the SBC.

I Know God Loves Me, but Does He Like Me? — John Piper provides some helpful words of encouragement for God’s people.

Dividing Line: Today at 1pm EST I will be on the Dividing Line with Dr. James White discussing the Southern Baptist Convention and who knows what else.

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