A good questions & answers session from the 2010 Ligonier National Conference. You will find the questions and interaction from the speakers encouraging and helpful.

Donald Trump announces new religious advisory board – Denny Burk lists the entire advisory board for Donald Trump that includes several heretics.

Online Friendships Are Not Enough – Phillip Holmes explains why we need more personal and less digital friends and he goes to the heart of the matter which is rooted in the church.

Air Force vet kicked off base over speech that mentioned God – Air Force Master Sgt. Charles “Chuck” Roberson’s retirement was forever marred because of a mention of God.

The Trinitarian Beat Goes On – Mike Riccardi writes, “As I was interacting with Jesse’s post, I began writing a comment in response. Before too long, that comment was blog-post length, so I thought I’d just give it its own post. He graciously agreed.”

Praying in Elders’ Meetings – A post worthy of attention – especially if you’re trying to figure out how to pray with intentionality with your fellow elders.

Seven Biblical Truths That Can Bring Us Great Happiness – Randy Alcorn provides 7 truths that lead a child of God to happiness that’s rooted in God.

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