Last year, Paul Washer preached 1 Thessalonians 4:1-3 on the subject of abstaining from sexual immorality.  The following sermon was recorded from the pulpit of Christ Church Radford.

What Charleston Should Remind Us About Forgiveness and Justice – Russell Moore writes about his attendance at the first worship service of the Emanuel AME church following the brutal attack.  He writes, “The mercy of God and the justice of God are found in the cross of Christ. When God forgives us it is not his saying that justice is left undone. God is instead counting us as in Christ, who took upon himself the due penalty for sin in our place (Rom. 3:21-26).”

Talking About ‘Inside Out’ – Writing about the new Pixar film Inside Out, Jeremy Pierre points out some benefits of this new children’s movie.  He writes, “While Inside Out overstates the primacy of emotion in human motivation, the movie nevertheless helpfully forces the audience to acknowledge that emotions make up a major part of why we do what we do.”

The Best Way To Teach – Tim Challies describes the best way to teach on the subject of inerrancy.  He writes, “As people sit under this kind of preaching week after week, year after year, and book after book, they see inerrancy, they experience inerrancy, they believe inerrancy, and they consider anything less unthinkable. The most important lessons on inerrancy are not the ones in the systematic theology text but in the pulpit.”

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