Listen as Steven Lawson explains how he came across the statue of William Tyndale in London for the first time.


The Bold Legacy of John Calvin’s Co-Pastor – Prompted by Calvin’s last letter from his deathbed, William Farel walked 73 miles to visit his best friend for the final time before he died.

Heresy and Humility – Albert Mohler enters the current Trinity debate and provides great wisdom.  Carl Trueman responds with a clarification of his own. [HT:]

West VA Flooding – As many of you may know, 23 people lost their lives and many their homes among a catastrophic flood that swept through the state.  A major effort is underway to respond to this disaster.  My friend, Chris King’s family lives in West Virginia, and he is there helping.  You can find out more on how to help and possibly donate to the cause here.

What Youth Leaders Wish Parents Knew – Jordan Standridge writes, “Too many parents think that by simply taking their kids to youth group, they will be magically saved in the same way that taking our kids to the dentists takes care of cavities. The Holy Spirit doesn’t work that way.”

homeschooling: struggles & blessings from my 1st year – Reflections (and confessions) from a new homeschool mother.

No Normal Sundays – David Mathis talks with Bob Kauflin, and the result is a list of helpful advice regarding Sunday worship and how to prepare.

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