How does church growth take place and what role does discipleship play in this process?  Mark Dever explains this process in a very helpful manner.

9 Ways to Raise Up Leaders in Your Church — Some really helpful words from Mark Dever on discipleship.

Bring the Books! — How important is reading?  Extremely important.

A Stack of Books for the Season: Summer Reading List for 2017 — Albert Mohler’s annual summer reading list—worthy of your consideration.

Two Minute Clip: The Gospel Is Not About You — This is a really good clip that points out something that should be obvious, but sadly—it’s not.

Video: “In Christ Alone” By Alistair Begg — As always, Alistair Begg does an exceptional job of explaining the Bible.

Two Ways to React When Death Comes — Some helpful words on our reaction to death.

How to Interpret Biblical Typology — Peter Gentry provides some good words regarding biblical typology.

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